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The post that you are reading is to give you a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and if it may be an interest you may have. This concerns the company called Wealthy Affiliate. Here I will give you the basic facts about the business, as well as my professional opinion concerning its effectiveness. I hope that this will help you in making the right decision on whether this may be right for you so you can share your affiliate marketing success with others. Here we will cover just the basics of affiliate marketing and how it works.

Company: Wealthy Affiliate


Price: Basic (Free) Premium ( $50/month or $360/year)

There are many ways to make an income online. One of these is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you are allowed to represent a company and their products online on your personal website. In return for any products sold through your website, you will make a small commission.

How do I know its Legitimate

Most of the time anyone who considers an online position with such a company you’re probably questioning whether the company is for real, or if they are just out to get your money. Being cautious like this is exactly how you should be because there are numerous scams out there that promise you that you’ll make a large amount of money in a short period.

I have personally been caught up in one of those schemes once before. I signed up for a membership and there was a very basic instruction, but nothing that was enough to really help you get started with internet marketing if you had no experience. They pretty much just left you out to dry. I eventually found out later that the company had been taken to court.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme because:

  • You make a small commission when a member joins through your invite
  • You make nothing off of other referrals from the individual that joined through you.

The unique aspect of Wealthy Affiliate in comparison to other online affiliate companies is the training that is provided. With the great training provided you will

  • Be able to train on your time schedule
  • Design your web page at your own pace
  • Ask questions through e-mail
  • Join others in instant messaging to find out answers to any questions you may have.

When you compare these aspects of Wealthy Affiliate to other similar companies, this is where Wealthy Affiliate goes above and beyond their other competitors. Many other companies claim that they have good training to start an internet business, but in actuality, the little that they do give you isn’t enough and there is no support provided from other users. Some great things about Wealthy Affiliate that made me decide to join were

You get two websites for free when you join ( you can make up to 25 when you do premium)

  • The free training that is offered
  • The community support from others 24/7
  • Being able to make and receive comments
  • Online video training from other members

If it was not for the great community support that is provided, I wouldn’t be at the point that I am today. These factors, along with others gave me confidence in the company that it was not a scheme because if that were the case, money would have been asked for to begin with. This is how I knew that Wealthy Affiliate is a safe business to be involved with. Through this I was able to see that there is no pyramid scheme taking place as there is in many other companies.

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that anyone can join, regardless of experience or age. Many people that join Wealthy Affiliate at first think that it is a get-rich-quick type of thing. This is no further from the truth. While it is true that some individuals begin making money faster than others, the overall amount of income you make depends on the work that you put into the training and your website development.

Personally speaking I will say that I have been involved with the business for about 18 months and I am still learning new things all the time. I still have not seen any legitimate income, but you must first go through the steps and be established before any major income will start to come in. Wealthy Affiliate is even recognized by some major companies that you are able to work with include e-bay, amazon, and many other online businesses. There are a number of steps involved in how you build your business.

 Here is a basic cycle of how things work:

  • Build a website
  • Request and get approved for affiliate marketing
  • Increase traffic (this is done through social networks as well as other ways)
  • Customer buys a product
  • You make a commission off the product sold.

When you first start building and designing a website, it is a bit overwhelming, but with the great quality of training given and community support, the level of stress slowly decreases. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of new people make is to do too much starting out. Although you can have more than one site, I advise anyone to start out with only one website and follow the training. Once that site is established and making a small income, you could start other ones.

There are many factors when it comes to affiliate marketing. This is where the great training comes in. When I first started I had no idea how to work the internet or make a web page. There is a total of 50 lessons in the basic membership.

These are just some lessons covered in the training:

  • How to choose your niche
  • Using effective content
  • The basic steps of website design
  • Social engagement
  • Building the volume of traffic to your site.
  • Different ways to make income

Knowing these along with the many other factors that it takes to build an effective website will lead you to success in your internet business.

As mentioned before, your first two websites are free of charge and you receive the training with them as well. If you want to become a premium member later on it is (50/month or $360/year). Also, unlike going to school where you have to know the textbook from beginning to end, you only need to know the basics concerning this business, and it is much less expensive than getting a degree.

If you decide to join as a premium member, the training goes much deeper than just the basic training. This is referred to as affiliate boot camp. This has a total of 70 lessons. Here is just some of what it goes over

  • Importance of site Content
  • Keywords to use
  • Using different social networks
  • Knowing your audience
  • Using search engines like bing, yahoo, and google

These are only some things that are covered in the boot camp part of training. Some of these you may not want to use at first, such as what is known as pay per click, but you will eventually get to that point. It is still good to go through the training though so you know what you are doing. Here are the differences between basic and premium memberships:

How do I know that I will succeed you may ask ? That is for you to decide since it has to do with how hard you work and the quality of your product. There are many people that end up choosing to end their membership, but it would be interesting to see where they might have gone if they had continued to develop their knowledge and understanding.

One main point you should remember as well is that when you are in affiliate marketing are the main reasons for starting a business. These include:

  • Providing quality information on a certain subject
  • Gain the individuals trust
  • Be professional and show the reader that you are an expert in the field

If these basic guidelines are followed, then it will lead to an income which is the main reason that you joined Wealthy Affiliate. Just remember that it is these previous factors stated that will lead to your eventual success. In conclusion, Wealthy Affiliate is great for affiliate marketing because of the free membership that they offer, as well as the great training and support that is provided.

Although it takes many individuals longer time to have an effective website, the harder you work on things and follow the training and steps involved, the more successful you will be. I hope this has given you enough information to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is, and how to use it effectively to achieve your goals.

4 Replies to “Affiliate Marketing Success”

  1. Very nice thorough review on affiliate marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate. It really is amazing what a great opportunity Wealthy Affiliate is. Where else can you get all the support, tools, websites, and community like Wealthy Affiliate. And, it is free to join, plus they give you 2 free websites. Anyone that is looking for a legit way to build a business online should take advantage of this opportunity. Tom

  2. To be honest with you, I researched Wealth Affiliate last month as I wanted to join and I was skeptical. I did not find any bad report on them and the fact they have been established for decade made me feel good. I was just curious about the different membership, basic and premium…Basic shows $0.00 for how long? Is it like a 30 days trial them you have to pay? Do I need a credit card for Premium Membership?

    1. I’m glad you took your time to do some research. I sent you an e mail and hope I’ve answered the questions you had. If you have any more or don’t understand something, let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

  3. I’m a premium member of WA and I can confirm that it is one of the best platform for affiliate marketers. In one place you can get an excellent courses which shows you step by step how to set up a website, creating a content and boost traffic in many ways. Additionally, WA offers an amazing marketing tools which helps in e.g. choosing niche, keywords and affiliate program.

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