There are so many opportunities in affiliate marketing. And because of that I see this happen over and over again. People think if one niche will make them money then being in multiple niches will make them more money. In theory this is true, but when you are using more than one niche or subject area, especially when you are first starting out and are new to the process, you are not able to put as much effort into things compared to using one niche and website. When you are using one niche, this allows you to put more time and effort into that one site, giving it a higher quality. This will allow your site to grow and become better ranked by search engines, allowing you to earn some income sooner than if you tried to work on more than one website at a time.

When you’re first starting your online business and learning how the system works, you should stay with one website. This way you will have much more time to go through the training process, putting forth what you have learned all into your one site. There are so many things that are important in starting a new website, and if you are new to the subject area, it can be and is a bit overwhelming at times.

If you are able to focus only on one website, this allows you to go step by step with the training while learning. You are able to use the tools given to you in order to build your website to its highest quality. This also allows you more time in the community of other users, getting to know other people better, and being able to be helped by them if you have any difficulties.

I know that when I started, I had never worked with computers or the internet before, so I was lost as lost can be. If it had not been for the community that is provided, along with the training, I would not have been able to start much less complete my website. The training and community provided is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so unique compared to other “services” that want to help you start an online business. This is where you should make sure you do your homework so that you know what your considering is not a scam.

I myself made this actual mistake of not using one niche, but multiple websites. That is probably why I haven’t been as successful as I could have been if I had been using one niche. I finally realized the amount of work that I was having to put into things in order to keep them operative. This is when I decided to put some sites together since they are of similar subjects. If this had not been the case and they had been about totally different things, I would have wasted all the time and effort I put into some other sites. Thankfully this was not the case.

It is probably because I started out with multiple sites that I haven’t progressed any further than I have, so if I could go back, I would be using one niche or subject that I was most interested in, and focus solely on it. This would allow for faster progress and success. Because I was working on multiple sites, I was tempted to give up a few times. I knew that too much time and effort had been put into things to give up. I have yet to see great success, but I know that if you follow the instructions given in the training provided, you will succeed.

Overall, using one niche to design a website is probably the most important factor when you are new to the internet and learning the process. Stay with the one subject matter that you have an interest in and know a lot about. This way, over time your site will gain quality and eventually be seen as higher ranking since you know and are educated in the subject matter. This will give you a much better opportunity of seeing more traffic to your site, and an increase in income.

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