Types Of Seizures

Epilepsy is a combination of multiple types of seizures, while if you only have one seizure type it is considered to be a non epileptic seizure. A seizure basically consists of the mis firing of the neurotransmitters of the brain. You may ask, why do people get epilepsy ? This has yet to be totally determined. Some think that part it could even be genetic, but research is still being done.

When someone is not having a seizure, the frequency of the neurotransmitters are in sync with one another, while when one has a seizure it does not allow the brain waves to totally connect. 

Here are some videos that show the signs and symptoms of different types of seizures. 

Focal Awareness: These are brief, and usually last less than two minutes. The person is also able to interact and remains alert.

Absence: These involve a lapse of awareness along with staring. This will last for only a few seconds and can be mistaken for daydreaming.

Tonic-Clonic: This involves convulsions and effects the whole brain. The person has a total loss of consciousness and it usually lasts 1-3 minutes. Anything 5 minutes should be considered a emergency.

Tonic: During these, the arms and legs are stiff. The person can still be aware, but it effects both sides of the brain.

Clonic :These have rythmic jerking and effects either one or both sides of the body. These are very rare.

Myoclonic: These are very brief and have shock like jerks. During these the person is usually aware and able to think.

There are also what are called pnes or psychogenic non epileptic seizures. These can be brought on by things such as stress or possible situational depression or anxiety. Even though your doctor may not think of this, you may want to ask if this may be a possible trigger for you because only you know what your triggers are.