The Great Effects of The Gift Strain of Marijuana

There are numerous strains of marijuana to choose from depending on the purpose of use whether it be recreational or medical. The two parts to a marijuana plant have different effects concerning either a euphoric or relaxing feeling, making them for better use in different situations. These are either cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), both which act differently. Higher CBD marijuana strains are said to be more beneficial for medical purposes, while those higher in THC are more used for recreational purposes. One of these is called The Gift strain of marijuana. Since this is a high CBD marijuana strain with a low level of  THC, its a good medical marijuana strain. Here we discuss the origin of strain, its uses, as well as the benefits received.

The Gift

90% Satvia

10% Indica

CBD: 20%

THC: 1% or less


The Gift strain of marijuana also known as RG8 is made in the USA by UV organics and is specifically made for its unique ratio of CBD to THC.  It is one of many marijuana strains high in CBD, making it good for the use of many medical conditions. Another strain of marijuana which is high in CBD includes what is known as Ringos Gift. The Gift gets its name because its’ origin comes from the strain of Ringo s Gift which Ringo’s son gave to the company.

The strain is a back cross of Ringo s Gift which is high in CBD. A back cross is defined as a product of a hybrid strain which is crossed with one of its parent strains in order to enhance the effects seen from the parent seed. Since The Gift is a back-cross of Ringo s Gift, this makes it even stronger in the effects of the CBD levels that it has. Ringo’s Gift is a hybrid between ACDC and Harle-TSU, so The Gift would have to be a cross between Ringo’s Gift and either ACDC, or Harle-TSU, although it is unknown which one. Since there are multiple hybrid strains which make up other hybrid strains, it is almost impossible to find the exact origin of a strain. When you trace these strains back, some strains making up the hybrids are actually high in THC, so its uncertain how these strains have a high CBD levels.

Chemical structures

The chemical makeup of The Gift strain as mentioned is dominantly CBD. It has been shown to have on average around 20% CBD while the levels of THC are only 1 % or sometimes less. This makes THC levels almost non-existent. Since this strain is a back cross between hybrid marijuana strains high in CBD, it was made specifically for the purpose of having a high CBD level to help with different conditions which will be looked at.

Effects & Uses

The effects that this strain brings with it includes relief of physical and psychological pain without the high. Conditions include general pain, inflammation, and arthritis. Psychological and neurological conditions that are effected include a decrease in stress, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and PTSD. This is due to a high CBD and low THC level. Since the THC levels are so low, you get no “high” effect and is of no use for recreational purposes. Although it will not give you a high, due to the small amount of THC that it does have, you will have a very mellow feeling. The CBD levels that this strain has gives you a tingling feeling when smoked, and allows the mind to relax and have calming thoughts. This also brings with it a sense of happiness, creativity, and focus.

Many times one may try to combine this type of strain high in CBD while also using another strain high in THC in order to experience the effect of both. This is not advised though due to some symptoms and side effects that it causes.

Who should use it ?

Because of the CBD level and the effects of this strain, it is good for any type of stress that one may have, making it good to use in the evening after a stressful days work. This is due to the relaxation, increase in focus, as well as both mental and physical stress relief that it brings with it. Also, due to the lower levels of THC that it has which doesn’t allow for a high feeling, it is good for an individual of any level of experience, but if you have any medical condition you should first speak with your doctor.

The relaxation and relief from stress that the CBD in marijuana brings may be part of why marijuana is helpful with epilepsy and many other psychological conditions. This may be true since many times stress by itself can be a trigger for these to occur. These types of seizures brought on by mental or psychological stress and are what is known as PNES or psychogenic non epileptic seizures. Although the term psychogenic is used, this may not always be the case, and it may be due just to general stress. If stress is a trigger for you concerning seizures or any mental condition, then anything that assists in relaxation and decreasing stress may help.

Physical appearance & Growth

The Gift strain of marijuana can be used in the form of oils, flowers, and other sources. The smell that it has to it is very minty and earthy. Although it is possible to grow, the seeds are very hard to find and you may want to look for them already grown. This is probably due to the fact that they are very specific to a certain strain. Because of this, the only place to find the product may be through purchasing it from the company which grows the strain since they may not be sold to dispensaries. This in itself shows the uniqueness and specialty of this strain and the effects that it has. If you are considering growing a strain, here are some videos that will help.


The Gift strain of marijuana is a strain that was engineered specifically for its CBD levels with a low THC level in order to help with different conditions. Because it is a back cross of a high CBD strain, this makes it even more effective concerning the effects of CBD including general effects such as a calm and focused feeling, along with the medical conditions it has shown to help with. These include depression, anxiety, seizures, as well as headaches and general pain. Because of the high CBD levels and its effects it is good for use in the evening or at night. If you are struggling with seizures, or any form of psychological stress such as anxiety depression, PTSD, or anything else, talk to your doctor about using some form of marijuana. If you’re allowed to use it, this is one of many good medical marijuana strains which was meant for the purpose of having high levels of CBD.  If you need more information on finding a doctor to write a precription, or finding a despensary, find out more here. Anyone that has experience with this strain can comment below.