The Outstanding Effects of The Dr. Strain of Marijuana

If you’re using marijuana for medical purposes, do you ever ask which strain of marijuana is best for my needs ? With all the information that is going around about the use of marijuana for medical purposes, this makes it challenging knowing exactly what will work for you concern any medical needs that you may have. Also, since each individual may respond differently to the same strain of marijuana, it may take some time before you know exactly what will work for you. The high cannabidiol (CBD) marijuana strains are said to be what best serves these purposes. Although most think that CBD is what is most beneficial, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana helps with different medical conditions as well. Here you’ll learn of one strain called the doctor and the uses along with the effects that it has and what it is best to be used for.

Name of Stain: The Dr

Indica: 80 %

Sativa: 20 %


This strain is named after a competitive motorcyclist which went by the nickname doctor. Since this is a hybrid strain, it is made from two separate strains being put together. These strains include: super skunk, great white shark, and another undefined strain. Each of the previous strains mentioned are also higher in THC as opposed to CBD, which makes this strain stronger than the two that make it up.

Type of Strain

The doctor strain of marijuana is one that is known for it’s high content of THC, with a much lower amount of CBD. Specifically it has shown to have THC levels as high as 20 % with CBD levels below 1 %. This would make it what most people would consider a hard stone strain of weed. It’s good for anyone that needs relaxation after having to go through any type of stress. Since the strain is high in level of THC, you should make sure that you’re at home while using it because this causes the effect of what is known as couch lock down.

Who uses it ?

Since the strain is very low in CBD and much higher in THC, most would think that it is more for recreational use, but this strain can be used by anyone that may have a condition that relaxation may help. This may include things such as a medical condition, or someone which wants to use it for general stress relief. Because of this, the doctor strain is popular among many individuals that use natural medicine for conditions, as well as the recreational user. It is probably not recommended for anyone just beginning, but if you are a beginner and want to try the strain, it should be a very gradual consumption. If you are considering growing your own strain, here are some videos that should help.


Different strains of marijuana have different effects on individuals and may at times have to be experimented with before you know what is exactly right for you. Low THC marijuana strains are thought to be more for recreational purposes, with those higher in CBD being better for medical use, but this strain high in THC can be used for both. This includes physical pain such as cramps and headaches, and mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


With this strain, the amount of physical or mental tension that one has will decrease greatly. This includes things such as headaches and muscle aches and general aches and pains. It allows the individual to be what is like a deep meditative state. You also start to feel very mellow and separated from reality while having abnormal perceptions both visually and audibly. This allows for a very deep relaxation and the melting away of any heavy thoughts or memories that one may have. It brings with it an almost out-of-body experience that one can have as well. The effects usually depend on the individuals experience in smoking the strain, and the amount that is smoked. Even though there are positive medical effects as the ones mentioned earlier, if too much is consumed, it may become a trigger for things such as the depression, anxiety, and other conditions that it can help. This is why one should get a feel for the amount that is being consumed in order to not overdose.

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Times to use

The deep relaxation that the Dr brings also makes it good to use just prior to laying down to sleep. The relaxation allows the individual to fall asleep and get a very good nights rest. The effects of relaxation and mellow feeling that it brings makes this strain well suited to use during the evenings after a stressful day at work. You should be careful though and be near somewhere to sit down while using it. The feelings and effects that it has are very fast and hard, but sometimes can take up to 15 minutes to have an effect. Although this is the case, these effects can last up to a few hours and longer than most strains, so if you have to go out of the house, its not good to use this strain.

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The doctor strain of marijuana is high in THC levels but this brings with it the ability to allow the individual to be in a very relaxing and meditative state. This relieves any stress whether physical or mental that one may have faced which in turn can decrease ones’ anxiety or levels of depression. The stress relief that this strain brings may make it a marijuana strain that is good for patients with epilepsy or many psychological conditions. Overall, the doctor strain of marijuana is good for any individual regardless of experience level, just so you’re sure to listen to your body and don’t use too much. The strain is also effective for almost any mental condition due to the relaxation it provides, along with relief to physical pain as well. If you’re just starting to research marijuana and it’s uses, or would like to know more about finding a doctor in your area certified to write you a prescription. you can find out more here. For anyone legally using that would like to know where to purchase the product, here is a good source. Anyone that has experience in using this strain can leave a comment below.