Powerful and Effective CBD Marijuana Strain For Medical Purposes

There are two parts to a marijuana plant, both have different effects concerning either a euphoric or relaxing feeling, making them for better use in different situations. Each strain of marijuana has both cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are the main parts of the strain. High CBD marijuana strains are said to be more beneficial for medical purposes, while those higher in THC are more used for recreational purposes. If you’re new than you may ask yourself “what strain is best for me?”. If you’re looking for a strain high in CBD, there are many good strains. One of these is called Suzy Q. The CBD levels are much higher than THC, so it seems very promising for medical purposes.

Suzy Q

Sativa dominant

THC: 1% or less.

CBD: As high as 25%


The exact makeup of the Suzy q strain of marijuana is unknown due to the company not giving much information, so it’s not known the exact strains that make up this possible hybrid strain of marijuana, or if it may be a pure strain.

Many strains are said to be what is known as landrace, meaning being in their original form and being grown only in the location in which they originated. This makes these strains pure, and they are never cross bread. Since this is a low THC marijuana strain with a high level of CBD, it’s possible this could be a pure strain. Even though this may be the case, it could also be a cross or hybrid with another strain as well. Perhaps it is due to the many positive medical effects and high CBD levels that it remains unknown the exact makeup of this marijuana strain.


Physical appearance & Growth

You probably prefer just to buy a strain already grown and ready for use, but for anyone that considers growing their own strain, here’s some general information. This strain of marijuana can be grown either indoors or outside, and it normally takes about nine to eleven weeks to reach total maturity. The appearance is tall and should be kept trimmed back, especially when grown indoors. The leaves it puts out are dark with very bright orange or gold pistols. When grown outdoors, it should be a humid environment that’s around 70-80 degrees farenheight. If you live in an area where the heat is dry and not humid, it would be best to grow these indoors. The harvesting of this strain is normally in October, which means they should be planted around early to mid July. Here are some videos that should be able to help you in the growing process.

Chemical structures
The Suzy Q strain has a 1% or less THC level, and has shown to have at least 25% CBD content. Because the exact makeup of this strain is not known, it is impossible to say what gives it these levels of THC and CBD. It would probably have to be a dominant CBD strain or hybrid of two strains involved in order to get a percentage that high.


The medical uses for this strain are many, both physical and psychological. When it comes to the physical aspect, it helps with any pain due to injury, soreness, headaches, bone loss, or general tension that one may have. Concerning psychological issues it has though, it has been shown to help with alzheimers, seizures, anxiety, depression, and PTSD as well. This could be due some to the calming and relaxation effects that it has. This has also been used for conditions such as lupus, arthritis, and even cancer, since there are very few if no psychoactive effects that this strain has.


When smoked, there is a very earthy aroma that it gives off, along with a very thick smoke. For this reason, one should expect to cough some when around anyone who smokes this strain. Instead of causing a  euphoric feeling, it has almost none but will help with any symptoms of depression or anxiety due to its calming effects. This allows the individual to have a clear and deep thought process, along with relaxing benefits as well. Although this is a sedative effect, it isn’t overly strong and can be used anytime during the day. Unlike other strains which are overly sedative and make you want to sleep, this strain gives the feeling of relaxation without the tiredness.

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Who should use it ? 

As previously mentioned, this strain has a very high level of CBD and the level of THC is low if not almost non existent. Because of this, its one of many good medical marijuana strains.

The relaxation and relief from stress and an increase in focus may be part of why marijuana is helpful with epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues since many times stress by itself can be a trigger for these conditions. Concerning seizures some are known as non epileptic seizures or non epileptic events since no chemical imbalance is occurring. These have been shown to be brought on by stress and other factors. If you have any of the previous conditions mentioned and stress this is a trigger for you, then anything that assists in relaxation should help.

When should it be used ? 

Because of the extremely low levels of THC in this strain, it brings with it a very small effect of making you feel “high”, so it can be used pretty much any time during the day. It is good for use after a stressful day, or prior to going to bed.


The Suzy Q strain of marijuana is known for its low THC levels and having a high CBD content which makes it good for use in many medical purposes. The effects of relaxation that it has helps with symptoms of anxiety, depression, seizures, and possibly other psychological conditions. This allows the individual to be calm and thoughtful. Physical pain and stress is also beneficial when using this strain for things such as headaches and general aches and pains. The Suzy Q strain is great for use when it comes to any of the previous conditions mentioned, and possibly more. If your doctor suggests you try this as a form of treatment, but is not certified to prescribe it, learn more here. When allowed to purchase a form of marijuana for medical purposes, it may be a challenge to find the right place, so here are a few dispensaries which have good deals on this strain. For anyone with experience using this strain, you can leave a comment below. If you’re struggling with any of the previously mentioned conditions or others which CBD may help, the Suzy Q strain is a good place to start.
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