There are a number of resources that will provide you with assistance both through online communities, as well as current research that is being done. Here is a list of some of these:

American epilepsy society

This covers current research that looks at the advances in the treatment of epilepsy and provides a membership and support group.

The epilepsy

This site provides information on the many types of seizures as well as resources including a journal to track the seizures you have, as well as many other resources.

Talk about it:

This website provides many you-tube videos about seizures and individual experiences many people have had and things they have done to help. This also provides a network for you to communicate with others.

Purple day

This service explains what the annual international epilepsy awareness month is and events that you can do to happen to support any research on treatments for epilepsy.

Cure epilepsy:

This website allows you to give feedback and post blogs as well as other services. This site also allows you to donate to help fund research that is being done.

Epilepsy U:

This website is great for being part of a community and support group online, as well as news and research along with a number of other resources.

Patients like me:ā€¦

This service allows you to share your story with others and find others to relate to.

The following site: is a great resource to use as a journal of when and what type of seizure you may have had. You can then take this to your doctor on your check ups. There are many other similar resources similar to this as well.