What is the ketogenic diet ?

The word ketogenic refers to what is known as ketosis. The body has multiple energy systems, all of which work together. Ketosis occurs when the carbohydrates in the body become low, and protein as well as fat go through a process to change into glucose, which is the bodys’ main energy source.


The ketogenic diet has been around for quite some time and used to treat different conditions. It has been used to specifically treat epilepsy for many years. It was not only until recently that it came into the fore front again and has gotten peoples attention. If you are thinking of using this way of eating to help with epilepsy or another medical condition, do some research and speak with a doctor before starting anything. This type of eating has also been shown to assist with weight loss as well.

Below are some videos that explain how the ketogenic diet works and may help with seizures in more detail.

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