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If you’re unemployed and need extra income while looking for work, disabled and unable to work, or just want something to make income on the side, affiliate marketing is a great tool to use for this. Online affiliate marketing is a very simple concept. You apply for an affiliate position with a company such as amazon for example. When you are approved through them, you can use their texts or banners when writing posts in order to promote their products. When a product is sold through your link, you make a percentage of what was paid to purchase the product. There are different online affiliate programs to choose from. While doing research online, I came across three programs that are ranked out of top five that are worth considering. There are also some that come up which don’t give any information on their business but ask for your information. I would be cautious of these programs.

When you are considering joining an online affiliate program, you should look into each program and make sure it is not a scam since there are many that only want to take your money. Although the site makes it sound like they want to help you, they really only want your money, and what you do get from them is very little to use. While looking at online affiliate programs, I came across one called Wealthy Affiliate. I was cautious at first having bought into a scam before and I didn’t want it to happen again. While looking at the program, there were a few things that caught my attention and gained my trust. These included:

  • You get two free websites and it costs nothing to join
  • You get training with these websites
  • A community of users is provided for any help you may need.

These three features of Wealthy Affiliate are unique when compared to other affiliate programs. The main difference is the online community that is there to assist you when you may be having a problem. This, along with the numerous posts that have been written will guarantee you will get an answer about anything you may need to know. This online support as well as being able to receive comments on posts are very helpful in allowing you to increase the quality of your site and posts. Some of the top affiliate marketing training programs include:

1. Wealthy Affiliate

2. Affilorama

3. Chrisfarrell membership

These services, along with the intense training that you receive will assure your success in affiliate marketing. If you were to look for training concerning what wealthy affiliate offers you, there is no comparison concerning the cost and quality of training. If you were to purchase any software to assist you in website design and the many aspects that go into using the internet, it could cost up to 10 times the amount that you have to pay to use Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a brief overview and comparison of these differences.

Training programs for website design and online marketing:

1. Ahrefs

2. Online SEO Training Course

$ 300

3. Google Analytic

$ 500

4. Content marketing

$ 600

5. Social Advertising

6. White hat link building

$ 850

7. Click minded

$ 500

8. Disfilled U

$ 40/month

9. SEO that works

10. Auto responder madness

$ 400

Total: $ 3,700

These are the main software programs that I found which train you in building and being successful with affiliate marketing. If I had to choose any out of the ones that are listed, If I had the choice of one of these products I would choose the one called click minded since it has the most to offer. Many of these programs overlap in things that are taught, while some also have unique factors that are included.

There are unique aspects to some of these programs, and could be purchased by the individual, but based on price, this would be suitable more for a business. If you are looking for a good online training that covers the majority of topics listed above, Wealthy Affiliate covers the majority of topics including:

  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Link building
  • Site content and creation
  • Page content optimization
  • Audiences
  • E mail lists and strategies

These are all factors of affiliate marketing covered in these programs that is also taught by Wealthy Affiliate. They are the main factors involved in being successful with affiliate marketing. Although it does not cover specifics of training, here is a general overview of what their service has to offer.

Although there are a few other online services concerning online training for affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate has the most to offer through their online training and support when comparing them to other programs. This is especially true when you look at software used to teach these same things. Unless you run a business, you wouldn’t want to purchase any of the programs mentioned, and this was just an example of the amount of training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re looking for some in dept training and support when designing a website for your business, Wealthy Affiliate should be your first choice since they are there to help you succeed.

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