Natural Treatments For Epilepsy

If you, a family member or friend is dealing with the medical condition of epilepsy, you know how hard it can be at times to treat. The type of treatment used to control the seizures in one with epilepsy will depend on the type of seizures you’re having as well as other factors.

There are different forms of treatment for epilepsy, and here we discuss natural treatments for epilepsy and their effectiveness on controlling the frequency and intensity of seizures seen.

The two main forms of natural treatment that are known at this point is the use of cbd oil which is part of the marijuana plant, as well as certain forms of nutrition have both been shown to be promising in treating certain types of seizures.

The Use of CBD oil


The strain of CBD has no effect on the individual concerning feelings of being high. It is the THC that causes this effect and is the main reason it’s used for recreational purposes. If you think that using this form of treatment may be helpful, consult your doctor about trying this treatment.

Ketogenic form of eating


Individuals usually think of this as a “diet” but in actuality it is a lifestyle concerning nutritional habits. Ketogenic involves there being a low amount of carbohydrates that one consumes. Carbohydrates are the bodies first choice of fuel for energy, so without a lot of carbohydrates, the body turns to using fats and proteins for energy.

When you consider the types of carbohydrates there are which are either simple or complex, the only way to consume a large amount of carbohydrates is with the simple sugars. Because of the make up of the sugars, they are digested quickly and if not used are stored as fat in the body if not used.

Complex carbohydrates on the other hand digest at a slower rate and can be used over time. These come from sources such as grains and vegetables as well as some fruits.

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If you consume a more nutritious diet of complex carbohydrates and stay away from simple sugars, there is really no choice but to consume a low amount of carbohydrates. You would literally have to consume a ton of these sources of carbohydrates if you wanted a high amount of carbohydrates, so some simple sugars would be required.

This means that not only will this form of eating assist in control of seizures, but is actually a healthy lifestyle as well and is good to follow. There has been a great amount of research done concerning how the ketogenic diet can assist in treating epilepsy. You should first speak with your doctor prior to using this, especially if you have diabetes which concerns blood sugar levels.

Other treatments

Many individuals are unaware but many times seizures that occur are considered what is known as being non epileptic. This meaning having nothing to do with the abnormality of chemistry in the brain which are treated by medications and the previous sources mentioned.

Causes of non epileptic seizures can be anything from mental, emotional, or spiritual reasons. This should be mentioned to your doctor as being a possibility. This is only general information and resources that may be of positive use if one has this condition.


Concerning ones’ emotions, being in a deep state of thought about a situation you may be going through which could be the cause of anxiety or depression can cause a seizure to occur if it is allowed to control the thought process too much. This is most likely due to what is known as situational depression or anxiety in which the individual allows certain problems or situations control the thought process.

When struggling with things such as depression or anxiety you have the option of seeing a psychiatrist. Although this is effective, most of the time all that will be done is you will be prescribed more pills to take. Since you know yourself better than anyone else, being able to pin point specific things which may be the cause should be easy. In this case, going to speak with a counselor may be an option to consider.


In some ways, both the emotional and spiritual state work together. If one is struggling with certain issues in life this can and does lead to emotional issues such as the depression or anxiety as mentioned. If you’re in a situation where you need to find yourself and get back to a state of peace, giving your issues to a higher power whatever it is you believe in can be a release of the situational anxiety or depression you feel.

Activities to Use

Here are some simple activities that can be done to decrease any stress you may have which may help relieve some negative feelings you may be having. This could help with seizures if they are in fact non epileptic. There are other activities to use as well so these are only some.


As most people know, yoga is a form of stretching and relaxation. The increase in the range of motion of the muscles allows for a release of tension physically and a more relaxed state.

General Exercise

Having a routine of working out a few days a week allow the body to be more physically efficient and brings a feeling of well-being. This is considered eustress which is a good form of stress.


Having a routine of meditation assist in the relaxation of both the body and mind. Being able to control your thought process and focus on certain things allows for a release in mental stress which could also assist the spiritual or emotional aspect of things as well.


In conclusion depending on the type of seizures one is having, treatments other them chemically based medications can be used. The use of cbd oil and the ketogenic form of eating has been shown to be promising, but more research needs to be conducted. If you suspect that the seizures you are having may stem more from psychological or emotional issues, this is many times difficult for a doctor to diagnose.

If you know the root cause of the possible situational depression or anxiety, using one of the previous forms of therapy mentioned may help clear your thoughts and feelings, resulting in being more in control and decreasing the amount of seizures seen. If you’re dealing with seizures, hopefully this has assisted you in your journey to having more control over them depending on what the causes may be.