Natural epilepsy treatments

What is epilepsy ?

Although most everyone  knows what epilepsy is, here is a brief overview of the condition. This is basically having multiple types of seizures. When you have a seizure, it is a misfiring of neurons within the brain. This could be compared to multiple bolts of lightening coming together. You may picture a seizure as someone being out of control but some seizures are only partial. In this case, you may even still be able to communicate.  A total or tonic-clonic seizure is where you are totally unconscious, but you may be able to remember things just prior to its’ occurance.  Most epilepsy treatments are with medication. Here we will cover natural epilepsy treatments and how they work. 


When you think of treating a medical condition, they think of biochemical treatments through pills.  Many times you may be allowed to add supplemental substances that may assist with your current medications. Many times, these resources are all natural.  Marijuana is being looked at now as a one of many natural epilepsy treatments. Only recently has the use marijuana to treat seizures been discussed. Marijuana has actually been used to treat seizures and other conditions since the eighteen hundreds.  Even now though, we are still not totally how marijuana works in these treatments. Here we will discuss the method of treatment with marijuana, as well as other natural treatments.

Natural treatments

When you think about it, natural treatments have been being used for quite some time.  This is especially true before we had the resources and the numerous medications that are now being used. Before medications were available, this was probably the only choice for treatment. Some natural treatments for conditions other than epilepsy include:

Alzheimer s:  There is no cure for this debilitating mental condition. There are things that you can do around your home and natural substances to use.  Activities include: reduction of the number of mirrors, going on daily walks, and being socially active. Some supplements that may help include fatty acids, key vitamins, and ginkgo.

Arthritis: Arthritis is a debilitating condition that affects many people within different countries. It causes one’s range of motion to decrease while increasing the pain within your joints. Some natural remedies to use include: potato and other raw juices, sesame seeds, copper, calcium, garlic, bananas, and lime.

Anxiety:  Since anxiety is a mental condition, most people see treatment as being with medication or counseling. There are a few other things that can be used to treat this condition. This includes: Vitamins, meditation, exercise, drink enough water, and cut down on alcohol and tobacco use.


Natural Epilepsy Treatments

Little research on  using marijuana to treat seizures has been conducted. We are slowly  learning how the process works. Here we will  go over how this process may work and what results you may see. Marijuana is made out of two different oils. One of the oils can help, while the other one is what can be used for recreational purposes.

CBD oil: This is the oil that can assist in medical conditions. There have been numerous studies  that test the effects of adding marijuana to a patients’ existing medication. The subjects were having specialized types of seizures. This included Dravets Syndrome, and Lennox Gastrau Syndrome.  Over twelve weeks,  subjects treated with CBD  showed an average of a fifty-four percent decrease in seizure frequency.  The subjects’ current medications were not working properly, so these results may be promising for use of CBD for seizures.  Marijuana has also been shown to  treat seizures by activating a specific memory receptor. This could allow us to understand  more about how marijuana may help.

Although promising results for this type treatment have been seen, there are also possible side effects. Some side effects included: sleepiness, dirreah, fatigue, and a decreased appetite.  One study  used subjects that had twelve different types of seizures between them. They took a form of liquid marijuana every day for twelve weeks. Results indicated the frequency of seizures in the subjects taking the supplement dropping by fifty-four percent.


The previous research studies mentioned were only a few of many that have been conducted over the years. Although each study increases our knowledge concerning how and why the oil from the marijuana plant may treat epilepsy, there is still a lot to learn. I hope that the previous studies mentioned along with other information will help you in your journey in controlling the seizures that you have.