Effective Marijuana Strain With Unknown THC and CBD Levels

There are two parts to a marijuana plant, both have different effects concerning either a euphoric or relaxing feeling, making them for better use in different situations. Each strain of marijuana has both cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are the main parts of the strain. A high CBD marijuana strain is said to be more beneficial for medical purposes, while those higher in THC are more used for recreational purposes. One of these is called the mendo queen marijuana strain. The CBD levels in this strain are thought to be higher than THC. Although it’s the CBD which is said to help with medical conditions, the levels of THC can also have positive effects as well. The benefits of this strain will be covered, along with it’s effects and usages. Ready to learn more ? Let’s get started.

Mendo Queen

Sativa dominant (60%)

CBD/THC ratio unknown


The Mendo queen strain of marijuana is made by a company known as the green gage group, located in California. This strain is a phenotype of the strain mendo montage. Mendo montage is a hybrid made from Mendo purps, and Chrystal locomotive. These two strains are hybrids as well, making the mendos queen strain probably a third level or higher, depending on the makeup of the other hybrid strains. This makes it almost impossible to know the exact origin of the strain since different hybrids are involved.

Chemical structures

The chemical makeup of the mendos queen strain is unknown, but from the effects that it has, it suggests a high CBD level, with a unknown level of THC.  As mentioned, it is unknown the exact makeup of the strain, but you would think that the levels of THC may be higher due to the stains which make up this hybrid. Although the CBD content may be high, the level of THC is probably enough to give it somewhat of a balance since it doesn’t have the same effects as an overly dominant THC strain would have.


Although the exact percentage of THC and CBD are unknown in the mendo queen strain, it doesn’t keep individuals from testing it out. Effects that have been reported include a very fast and hard hitting sense of euphoria. The ebb and flow that this strain provides also gives the individual a feeling of weightlessness. It also brings with it a very energetic high, along with a wave of light headedness and rush as well.  Although the feeling of weightlessness and euphoria do occur, it isn’t so much that you are not allowed to still be productive. This is unlike many strains which have what is known as the “couch effect” meaning you should be ready to relax awhile until the effects wear off. The amounts of CBD and THC that this strain has brings with it a balance, which is probably what prevents these effect from occurring.


The mendo queen strain can be used for many physical and psychological medical purposes. This includes general stress, depression, anxiety, general aches and pains, as well as headaches, and even migraines. This probably comes from the CBD levels which allow for relaxation. If you struggle with any form of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia,or find it hard to stay focused, the mendos queen strain will help with any of these due to the feeling of relaxation that it brings.

The relaxation and relief from stress may be part of why marijuana is helpful with previous conditions mentioned since many times stress by itself can be a trigger for these to occur.  Seizures brought on by stress are what is known as PNES or psychogenic non epileptic seizures. Although the term psychogenic is used, this may not always be the case, and it may be due just to general stress. If this is a trigger for you, then anything that assists in relaxation and decreasing stress could possibly help decrease seizure frequency, as well as assisting with the other conditions mentioned.

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When should it be used ? 

Because of the CBD level and the effects of this strain, it is good for any type of stress that one may have, making it good to use in the evening after a stressful days work. Although it is sativa dominant, there are some indica effects, and because of the quick effects that it has, as well as the intensity, it is not recommended for first time users but more for those that are at least intermediate levels of experience.

Physical appearance & Growth

The Mendo Queen strain of marijuana can be grown either indoors or outside if you choose to do so. The strain is made from very dense buds, and has an earthy type smell to it. You can sense a smell or taste of tobacco, fruit, wood, and menthol. If you’re considering growing it yourself, it normally takes about nine to eleven weeks or two to three months to reach total maturity. This strain can also grow as high as six feet. Because this is a hybrid strain which comes from a cross between other hybrid strains, it’s hard if not impossible to find any seeds and grow this strain yourself. If you are considering growing the strain though, here are some videos that should help. The best chance to get this strain is probably to purchase it from a dispensary already grown.

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The mendo queen strain of marijuana is a hybrid known for its effects that a strain high in CBD would bring, with unknown levels of THC. The medical conditions it has shown to help with include depression, anxiety, seizures, as well as headaches and general pain. This is due to the effects of relaxation that it has. If you are struggling with and condition you think marijuana may help and your doctor can prescribe it, talk to them about obtaining a medical card to purchase marijuana. This strain is probably a better option for experienced users, so if you’ve never used marijuana before, you may want to start out with a strain with less THC and work up to a strain such as this one. If you have experience using this strain or would like to know more, leave a question or comment below.