Marketing Quality Products

It’s pretty safe to say that marketing quality products is a very critical part of your overall affiliate business success. And there are two key factors to choosing the right product. These factors include:

  • The products quality/reputation
  • The commission you earn

If you desire to be successful in online marketing and affiliate training, you should do your research and find some better products on the market concerning the niche or area of interest that you are involved in. Focus on using one area or niche and the quality of the products.

If you are only selling a lower quality product, then your results will be mediocre at best. This will give your business a negative reputation. You want to be marketing quality products to be truly successful. You should also look at things long term in that you will be promoting the product for a longer period.

Although it may take some time and effort in researching different products within your niche and area of interest, marketing quality products will give your business a positive reputation. This is where you should also use the marketing skills you have learned in order to promote both your business overall, and the product you are selling. Many times, promoting a product through an individual affiliate or what you call an affiliate network may be ones’ main source of income and profit.

Most of the bigger brands and products use what is called affiliate networks. This is only an in between business between the actual company selling the product, and yourself as an affiliate.

You must first be approved by the network that you are interested in using. Then you will have to be approved by the business in order to be an affiliate and promote their products. Affiliate networks allow you access to many more companies and products when compared to being a private affiliate of a company.

When you first start out in the process, you may only want to be involved with one affiliate network, but there are a number of them at your disposal that you can use.
Here are only some many affiliate networks that are available at your disposal:

Product Quality/Reputation

The quality and reputation of the product you’re going to represent is very important. If you promote or sell low quality products, your business will be seen as a lower quality. This means you should stay with marketing quality products. Many times you will see lower quality products chosen just because of having a higher commission rate. Just because a product has a higher commission rate, doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a better chance of selling.

In fact, that may be a reason behind the commission being as high as it is, because a lower volume of the product has been selling. This comes down to having more faith in the volume of sales. Although it may be a lower commission rate, you should still be marketing quality products to give your business a positive reputation.

The Commission Amount

Considering the amount of commission that you earn, you want the amount to be as much as possible. This may come down to having a higher volume of sales at a lower commission rate, or vise versa with a product that has a higher commission rate and requires less sales to make the same amount.

As an example, lets say you want to make $5,000 a month. The product being sold has a 10% commission rate, and costs $100. This puts you at making $10 per sale. This in turn would take 500 sales within a month or about 17 sales per day to make the $5,000 in a month.

Although the first example is very doable, it will be much easier to make a similar amount within the month through finding products that are more expensive at a similar commission rate, as well as having numerous products that are being sold.

An example of this may be finding a product that sells for $100 and has a 25% commission rate. This means you would get $25 per product sold. At this rate you would need to sell only 200 products in a month. This would come out to be between 6 or 7 sales per day which is very doable.

One other factor that you should look at when it comes to affiliate programs and commission is the type of commission offered. You want to make sure that at least some commission that is offered for products is what is called recurring commission. This means that it is not just a one time purchase, but continuing where a member has to pay a monthly fee. This will promise you a minimum monthly income.

There are also the possibility to use private affiliate programs as well. An example of a private affiliate program is Amazon. This is a very big merchant when it comes to affiliate marketing. They do have a high commission rate, but due to it being a private affiliate program, there are also many rules and regulation you must follow. This is the one negative aspect to using a private affiliate.

It is very easy to be taken off such an affiliate program. Who wants to read through two or three pages of terms and regulations though ? This is where some articles you can find here on Wealthy Affiliate come in very handy.

If you do want to find a private affiliate program, just go to google and type in the name of the specific company that you are thinking about, followed by + affiliate program. This should bring up any link that they may have if they do offer an affiliate program. As stated before, most private affiliate programs have many rules and regulations, so you want to do your homework and research before becoming a part of any such affiliate program.

In conclusion, there are numerous factors involved in being successful with affiliate marketing. These include the quality and commission of the product being sold, the volume of products that are sold, the network that is being used, or private company that you represent, as well as the type of commission concerning it being either a one time purchase. Overall though, you should look at marketing quality products to the individual in order for your business to have a good reputation and succeed with affiliate marketing.

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