Lambs Bread

Are you considering using marijuana as a form of medication and unsure of what you should use ? If this is the case, it can be hard to choose the correct strain that will fit your needs the best. You’re probably asking yourself that question ‘which strain of marijuana will best serve my needs ?’ There are two main parts to the marijuana plant. These are what are known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Each of these have different effects on the individual. From what you hear in the media, it is said that the high CBD marijuana strains assist better with medical conditions than THC. This is not always the case since there have been reports of many positive effects of the THC. There are also some strains high in CBD meant specifically for medical use. One of these strains which is good for recreational but some medical purpose’s as well is called Lambs Bread. Here we’ll cover where it comes from, how it’s used, the effects, and what it can be used for. Ready to learn more ? Let’s get started.

Lambs Bread

Indica: 5 %

Sativa 95 %

THC: 18 %

CBD: 1-2 %

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Chemical structures

The strain has a higher level of THC (18%) when compared to the level of CBD ( 2 %), making it a strain that is good for recreational purpose’s. Even though the CBD levels in this strain are lower when compared to the THC, the CBD still has some effects as well. The strain is manufactured by Yardi Seeds and originated in Jamaica. The strain is also known under other names such as Lambs Breath. Although it isn’t totally known where it originates from, the name is thought to come from a Rastafarian religion with the term meaning great ganja in Jamaica. The strain also became well-known by users such as Bob Marley and Peter Tosh for those who know who they are. This should say a lot for the strain concerning it’s effectiveness. Different strains of marijuana can be used for different purpose’s weather it is medical or recreational. So what are some good uses for this strain ?


Since this strain is higher in THC as opposed to CBD, it is probably used for more recreational purpose’s, but the CBD effects that are seen when this strain is used can have their place in medical use for some conditions as well. The Lambs Bread strain is effective in helping conditions such as:anxiety, depression, appetite loss, pain both acute and chronic, ADHD, and even bipolar disorder. The strain may also help with epilepsy or seizures as well, but this would probably depend on the individuals’ response to the strain. Since mental and emotional stress may be a trigger for many individuals’ with some conditions mentioned such as anxiety or depression, the level of relaxation and uplift that this strain brings could explain why it is of such assistance. For the individual with seizures, whether it is actually epileptic and of a chemical imbalance, or what is known as a non epileptic event, the relaxation felt and stress relief could be of assistance for either condition. More research should be done to scientifically show how this exactly works, since these effects are based only on testimony of individuals’ which have experience in using the strain. The levels of THC and CBD in different strains will determine the level of effects that are seen, with the specific strains. So what are some effects that this strain has ?

What effects does it have ?

When using this strain, it is good for it’s effects that come from the levels of THC that it has. Some effects that have been reported include an increase in the level of creativity, an energetic feeling, as well as euphoria. It is also said by many to be uplifting and to have a good mood boosting effect. A level of high that is felt, along with the creativity and euphoria which follow. This has been reported to act very quickly, taking only a few puffs or inhales to have an effect. The effects can also last up to a few hours as well during which has also been reported an “out of this world” experience. This is probably what makes many say that it helps “reveal you to yourself”. This comes from the amount of creativity and focus that this strain brings with it, making it good to use for outdoor activities. Although there is an increase in focus that is seen, it also brings with it a sense of relaxation, but unlike other strains, it isn’t so intense that you are not able to perform daily activities. It has actually been shown to make many individuals’ day more enjoyable. Along with these effects also come the possibility of negative side effects such as experiencing paranoia or anxiety if too much is consumed, although this is rare. Anyone will benefit in some way from using this or any other strain, but certain strains are more suited for either the experienced or inexperienced depending on what you want to get. So who benefits the most from using this strain ?

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Who Should Use the strain ?

As previously mentioned, this strain has a higher level of THC when compared to the CBD, bringing with it a very intense level of focus and creativity. The amount of THC in this strain is considered to be moderate when compared to other strains. Because of the increase in focus that is experienced, along with a low to moderate level of relaxation, it is good for the experienced or beginning individual. You should only be cautious of the speed at which these effects take place. With the effects acting quickly, it would be best for the inexperienced individual to consume only a small amount at a time, while a higher quantity may not effect the experienced individual as much. Also, anyone that thinks they may benefit in treating any of the previous conditions mentioned such as anxiety or depression could try this strain as well.


When should it be used ?

Since this strain can bring with it an increase in your level of focus and creativity, along with a small to moderate amount of relaxation, it is a great strain to use any time during the day when you have a task to complete, or in the morning when you know you are going to be busy. If you are inexperienced though, you should start by using it only while at home until you know specifically how it’s going to effect you. With the increase in focus that the strain brings, it may also be good when you’re studying or prior to taking a test when you will need to focus. Not only is it good for these situations mentioned, but it may also be good to use for any type of energetic event such as a big party or concert that you’re taking part in. These are only some examples of different situations in which this strain would be good to use. There are numerous ways that any strain of marijuana can be used, so how is the best way to use this strain ?

How to use it

There are many forms of CBD and THC which come from the marijuana plant. This includes: smoking, vaping, capsules, and oils. The best way to get the total effect of either the CBD or THC of the plant is to use it in it’s original form through smoking or vaping. Although the capsules as oils may be effective, this is not the same as when smoking or vaping. When using this strain, you should expect to experience a very spicy and lemony smell and taste, as well as a warmth felt that will gradually be felt all over. Most of the time, you’ll probably purchase the product from a grower, but if you choose to use marijuana in the form of buds for smoking and you know you’ll be using it for a while, you may want to consider growing it yourself since it may be less expensive in the long run.

Raising the strain

For anyone just beginning to grow their own strains of marijuana, this strain is more suited for the individual with an intermediate to high level of experience in this, but here are a few factors that may help if you are inexperienced. As is with any strain, this strain can be grown either indoors or outside, and growing it indoors does not limit you to when it can be grown. In order to do this, you’ll need some equipment in order to get the most out of the plants. While growing the strain outdoors, it takes about 8 weeks to grow, with the harvest being in early October, but when grown indoors, this can be done at any times given the correct environment. You should expect the growth of this strain to be very short and compact, making it good for indoor growth. The main thing to be concerned about when growing the strain indoors is that the soil in which it is grown has good nutrients in it, allowing the strain to be most productive concerning the volume harvested. As with any strain, the seeds may be hard to find, and depending on the laws in your area, obtaining the seeds may have to be done through other options. To begin with, you may want to first look at the manufacture of the strain, or any dispensaries in your area that sell seeds.



The ratios of THC to CBD for the Lambs Bread strain of marijuana is higher in THC (18%) than it is in CBD (1%) but it can be used for both medical and recreational purpose’s. Medically it helps with things such as, anxiety, depression, stress, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and possibly seizures. The strain also has been shown to have a very intense and fast acting effect concerning one’s level of focus and creativity, along with a low to moderate level of relaxation. This makes it great for using prior to any task where focus is needed, Because of these effects, It is not recommended to be used in the evenings or late at night since it may keep you awake. The strain can also be used by either the beginner or experienced individual just so the level of intensity is kept in check. Anyone experienced in using this strain that would to comment can do so below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.