What does a seizure look like

Most of the time when someone has a seizure they totally pass out and have what is called a tonic-clonic seizure. Even though the person is unconscious and unaware of their surroundings, no medical assistance is needed unless a seizure lasts 4 minutes or longer. Anything less than this amount of time, the individual should be fine.It will just take them a while to become conscious again. It’s like you just got hit by something and are coming out of your worst night mare. How does a seizure effect the brain you may ask. Here is a general video giving differences in different types of seizures and their causes.



Things to do during a seizure

Most of the time when someone has a seizure, they are not severe, unless one has missed their medication possibly.  Individuals have different experiences concerning how the seizure effect the brain.  If you have delt with seizures for quite some time you can tell when one is about to happen. When you have an aura, its an out of body experience like you’re going into another rhelm. Try to find a close place to sit down, even if it has to be the ground. To begin with if someone is about to have a seizure and knows it, they should get ones’ attention that is closest to them. If your wearing a medical bracelet, show it to them so they will have an idea of what may be happening. When someone is having a seizure, anyone in the area should make sure that there are no breakable objects in the way, or anything the person could hurt themselves or others on.

When the person that had the seizure regains consciousness, they are normally groggy like coming out of a deep sleep. The best thing to do is find a piece of furniture to sit or lay on and rest. Depending on the severity of the seizure, the person may be ok, or it may take up to an hour for them to feel normal again.


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Overall effects of epilepsy and seizures


Seizures can effect one’s life in different ways, depending on the severity of the condition. This could include things such as transportation, employment, even relationships. When you are effected by any medical condition you may want to give up and are discouraged. There is still hope regardless of the case. For example, if your experience  lacking work because of your condition has an effect, remember the services that are offered just for those with medical conditions.

Using these services through DFCS and other organizations will help you find the work that you need and enjoy. They are even there for you if your employer tries to let you go because of your medical condition.  Just remember that you have epilepsy, and that epilepsy does not have you. 



Although epilepsy or any other medical condition may negative effect on our lives, there are other ways of looking at it as well. For one, someone else could have a similar condition to you, except it be more severe so that is a blessing. Also, having a certain medical condition could be an opportunity to speak with someone that is going through a similar situation. Here you would be able to  share your testimony with them as an encouragement. This just shows that regardless of how bad things may seem, there is always good that comes out of any situation.

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