Forms of epilepsy

What is epilepsy you may ask. There are many forms of epilepsy. Epilepsy is when an individual has more than one form of a seizure. There are numerous types of seizures, each of which has its own unique signs and symptoms. The history of epilepsy and seizures dates back as far as the BC era. The bible even mentions individuals as having seizures and during those times, it was thought that these were caused by evil spirits that possessed the individual. Because of this, many people with seizures at that time era were probably burned at the stake. Thankfully we know much more about this condition now. Here is a form of seizures which is non epileptic, possible causes, as well as ways to deal with them.
How do you know whether they are epileptic or not ?

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This is not always an easy question to answer. For many individuals that go to a doctor because of seizures, they may not even be caused physiologically, but due to other possible factors that can stimulate what is known as a non epileptic seizure. Unfortunately these are hard to diagnose, but some factors that may play into one having a non epileptic seizure may be:

Emotional stress

Physical stress



These are only some other factors that can lead to an individual having a non epileptic seizure. This could be just a one time thing, or it could happen multiple times until the individual understands what the cause is, and is able to control the situations that cause the seizure to occur. If you believe you may be having this type of seizure, you may want to suggest this to your doctor and possibly getting other forms of treatment. This will help you find out what stresses may be causing the seizures, and ways in which you can control these stresses.

Most medical doctors or neurologists may not buy into this as being a possible cause as I have learned personally. I am not totally certain that the increase in frequency of seizures that I began to see was due to non epileptic stress, but I have a very strong idea that it is. If you are not able to see a psychologist, you may want to speak with a counselor or even a minister. Although some causes may be mental or emotional, the spiritual realm may be a factor as well. I would use any of these assets available if I thought that any seizures I was having may be non epileptic.

One of the first steps needed to start the process is to admit that you have the problem. This in a way may be a form of self acceptance. I personally had a hard time at doing this. It was only when I was able to admit that I had a problem with having the seizures that I was able to deal with the issue in a positive way. When you are not able to admit to a certain problem, this may be because you want to ignore that it exists, or just due to pride. It is when you are able to let go of this that you can relieve any stress you may be putting yourself through. In this respect, you may be a factor yourself in causing the seizures that you are having.

It is only then that one is able to go to the next step and figure out what to do in order to fix the issue. In many ways, the fact that you have seizures may be their actual cause. You may get depression for different reasons such as feeling you are a burden to others due to the seizures, or due to a lack of accomplishment. If this is allowed to continue, you will only be putting emotional or mental pressure on yourself which could lead to another seizure.

If in fact the seizures are not epileptic, one important thing that you need is to know yourself as an individual. One factor includes the way you see things around you. This includes your thought process in whether you think of things positively and see them as opportunities, or in a negative light only to see them as being a problem. It is only when you become a positive thinker that you will be able to truly see possible factors which may be stresses to seizures you may be having. Although it may be hard at first, it is not impossible to change your way of thinking. This allows you to have a more positive attitude about the situation seeing it as an opportunity as opposed to a problem.

One main cause of having a pessimistic attitude may be not being able to let things in the past go. Things that may have hurt you mentally or emotionally. This is why it is so important to leave the past behind and only look at the present and future. Although this may be a challenge to do at first, it isn’t impossible to do and will be another step in helping you change for the better.

A big factor in dealing with seizures or any condition that you may have is the fact that support groups are provided for anyone that is suffering almost any condition and needs some help with. Many times it is hard to not think of one’s self, but if you only remember that you are not the only one dealing with the issue, and are able to communicate with others going through similar situations, this helps relieve the level of stress that you may have. This in turn may assist in decreasing the seizures that are seen if they in fact are non epileptic.

Overall, there are many factors which can determine why an individual may be having a seizure. Most of these reasons are neurological and chemically caused and can be treated with medication or sometimes surgery. Many times though if an individual has what are called non epileptic seizures whose cause may stem from different psychological issues. Concerning the treatment of these types of seizures, one may want to do a self evaluation on their selves. This would include your overall attitude, your thought process, as well as your feelings about having the seizure. Looking at all of these factors will assist you in determining any possible issue which could be a factor in causing the seizures. You should first meet and confer with your doctor on this issue coming to an agreement of this being the case. If this is determined, then you will be able to use the following steps which will hopefully assist you in overcoming the seizures you have.