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Out of all of the medical conditions that exist, each one has either one, or numerous organizations that are used to support those with the specific medical condition.  The great thing about all of these is that you have the opportunity to become involved through services and opportunities either directly or indirectly. You could be directly involved by being part of support groups or starting one of your own. There are also opportunities to promote awareness of your medical condition.  Here are some links to organizations that raise awareness of epilepsy and ways in which you can become involved in the process. 


Purple Day:

This site gives references to the organizations for epilepsy support all around the world. It also gives you the opportunity to become involved in events to help raise awareness about epilepsy.  This gives a list of current and up coming events that are taking place.


The Epilepsy Foundation:

This organization assists patients and families of those with epilepsy in improving their lives. This is in the United States and has a organization for each state. Here you can start your own support group, or just find others in your area that have similar interest and want to have events to get the word out.



Citizens United For Research In Epilepsy

Here, the latest research is kept up with and is funded in order to get the highest quality research for developing new treatments. Many research projects have been funded through them.



Employment is a major issue for many that have epilepsy or other medical conditions. There are many job search engines out there, but there are also websites that are specifically for those with a disability. These services work with employers to assist in hiring individuals with a disability. There are even many national epilepsy services.  These include some following:


There are many other resources that you can become part of including support groups and national epilepsy services that may be of assistance to you. Although one may not think that they are getting the help that they need, studies show that even the federal government are actually looking for those with medical disabilities to fill different positions of employment. 

All of these sites will assist you in finding employment regardless of your condition and works with the Americans with disabilities act. If it were not for this law, the process of finding employment for those with disabilities would be much more challenging. 

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  1. I have been watching these videos on how to get jobs being disabled. These have been very helpful to understanding with more information on this subject. I’m on social security disability myself and this has been a real issue. It has helped me to push myself further. My spouse disappeared December 21 2016 and since this day I have lost almost everything. I live 13 miles from town . So getting to doctor appointments or grocery store with no ride has been difficult. I have been trying everything to try to bounce back and I keep falling further in a hole. Once I first started getting online trying government grants to help , I then ended up being involved in scams. Ended up with my daughter and grandchildren in a larger hole. I then started trying to receive freebies in the mail. Didn’t think I was getting anywhere. I told myself that there has to be something out there for myself to get where I needed to be. It’s a little over a year and now I have stumbled upon this work at home jobs. I started checking into this a little and seen it wasn’t charging me anything to try. Next I received a message with some information and someone told me they would help me through this if needed. Wow I started crying. I thought to myself serious someone wants to take time to help me learn. I then told myself I had tried so many other things why not try again. These videos reminded me not to quit just yet. Thank you with this message being sent and more useful information on how to strive for more ambition. I will continue to watch and learn how to become better than who I once was. Very much needed the knowledge to try to be someone again. Thank you for this learning opportunity to become a better person and to be able to try to depend upon myself again..

    1. Hi Melinda,

      I’m glad that the video has helped you learn more about the employment issues. I am able to relate with you in that area. I hope that you are able to become more independent in finding a good source of income. Although it is discouraging at times, it only makes it worse to look at the negative, so I do my best to look at things in a positive way in using the situation as a testimony for others, and just in knowing that there are so many others that are worse off than I am. I have been working with this service for a few months now that helps you in starting websites along with training on how to be successful. It has taken a lot of work, but I think it may pay off in the long run. If you want to check it out and where it offers, here is a link. I wish you continued success in everything that you strive to do and the goals that you have for yourself.


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