Jilly bean marijuana Strain

Are you considering using marijuana as a form of medicine and unsure of what you should use ? If this is the case, it can be hard to choose the correct strain that will fit your needs the best. You’re probably asking yourself that question ‘which strain will best serve my needs ?’ There are two main parts to the marijuana plant. These are what are known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  and cannabidiol (CBD). Each of these have different effects on the individual. From what you hear in the media, it is said that the high CBD marijuana strains assist better with medical conditions than THC. This is not always the case since there have been reports of many positive effects of the THC. One of these strains which is usually seen as being good for recreational purposes, but can have its place in treating medical conditions is called Jilly Bean. Here you’ll find out about its different uses and how it may help you. Want to know more ? Let’s get started.


Jilly Bean

60% Satvia

40% Indica

THC: 16%

CBD: 1%


Chemical structures

The chemical makeup of The Jilly Bean strain is dominantly THC and very low in CBD. This comes from it being a hybrid between two other dominant THC strains, the Cinderella, and orange skunk strains. The strains’ original purpose was probably for the recreational type effects that are seen when using it. If you don’t want to experience many of the effects that this strain brings with it, but only desire a basic form of relaxation, you should look at higher CBD strains. Although the THC content in this strain is high, there are still some medical uses for it.



Who should use it ?

As previously mentioned, this strain has a higher percentage of THC (16%) so the effects can be hard depending on your level of use. Regardless of your purpose of use whether it is medical or recreational, you should start out very light concerning the amount that is used if you’re just a beginner.

The strain is not recommended for beginners, but should be used more by those with experience in using marijuana. It’s good for anyone that wants to be relaxed while remaining functional. One of the reasons it should be used by only those experienced is because the effects that it has on the individual are much faster and stronger than many other strains. Because of the lower level of THC when compared to other strains, this strain may be a better choice for a beginner, but if you do choose to use this strain, you should start out at a lower volume, gradually increasing the amount that is used at once. This strain will probably not have a hard effect on anyone experienced in using THC dominant strains which makes the strain better for those individuals. So what are some effects does this strain have ?


What effects does it have ?

Since the Jilly bean strain is not a marijuana strain high in CBD, but more so in THC, the effects in which it brings are somewhat euphoric, but with a sense of calmness and relaxation as well. Along with the calmness and relaxation comes an uplifting and energizing high as well. This allows what is known as visual enhancement, along with an increase in awareness allowing you to remain mentally active.

Although the sense of an energetic high and relaxation are both experienced, the relaxation that comes with the strain may have more of an effect for beginners. If this is the case, you should be somewhere to sit or lay down and relax until some effects wear off. This could take up to a few hours. This strain is good for anyone that wants to remain aware and functional, while still being able to relax and maintain a level of focus. This is possible since the strain has no sedative effects unlike other high THC level strains, allowing for both a relaxation but not a “high” feeling, along with a level of awareness and focus even with lower levels of CBD.


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When should it be used ?


Since this strain can bring with it a sense of uplifting and energizing high, it is good to use during the day time. One reason for this is because unlike some other strains, it has no sedating type qualities of other high indica strains. Although you get some effects that involves euphoric type effects, these are not so high that you can’t function normally.

Also, due to the increase in awareness that it brings, along with visual enhancement, this makes it better for daytime use. Unlike other dominant THC strains which make one overly relaxed requiring some time for rest, this strain allows you to be relaxed but functional. This makes it more useful for daytime as opposed to evenings prior to going to bed. It may not have as great an effect on the experienced user, so it may be possible for some to be away from home after it’s use. It is still advised not to do so until you know the exact effects it has on you.



Although it is thought to be more for recreational use, this strain has also been reported by individuals that used it as helping with things such as seizures, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The strain can also help with ADHD, probably due to the increase in focus that it can have. It is also good for things such as nausea, chronic pain, and stress. The effects that it has on chronic pain and stress may be more for those that have less experience using it since you are able to remain more focused and are not as deeply relaxed when compared to other strains.

Since stress may be a trigger for many individuals with the previously mentioned conditions, the level of relaxation that this strain brings could explain why it is of such assistance. For the individual with seizures, whether it is actually epileptic and of a chemical imbalance, or what is known as a non epileptic event, the relaxation felt and stress relief could also possibly be of assistance.for either. More research should be done to scientifically show how this exactly works, since these effects are based on testimony of others which have experience in using the strain.


How to use it


There are many forms of CBD and THC which come from the marijuana plant. This includes: smoking, vaping, capsules, as well as oils. Since any CBD that you get that is strictly CBD and comes from what is known as hemp where the plant is completely dried out, the best way to get the total effect of either the CBD or THC of the plant is to use it in its original form through smoking or vaping. When using this strain, you’ll get a very orange and grapefruit like scent, but a spicy aroma as well. This smell is strong enough to be smelled while it is in a baggie. The similarities to fruits as mentioned make it enjoyable for its taste and smell. Most of the time, you’ll probably purchase the product from a grower, but if you choose to use marijuana in the form of smoking and you know you’ll be using it for a while, you may want to consider growing it yourself since it may be less expensive in the long run.


Raising the strain

Most individuals will take the option of purchasing the strain already grown, but if you’re interested in growing the plant yourself, here is some general information. This is a strain that is a hybrid between two other strains, so you should first find a good dispensary which sells this strains seed. This strain can be grown outdoors or inside, but when growing it outside this may require more maintaince. This strain usually takes around 9 weeks to produce. The harvest time for the plant is around October, so early to mid August is probably the best time to plant the seeds. If you choose to grow indoors it can be grown at any time, but you’ll need some equipment in order to get the most out of the plants. Here are some videos on how to grow marijuana strains. For the individual that doesn’t have time to grow the plant, there are many respectable dispensaries that you can purchase the grown pods from.

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The Jilly Bean strain of marijuana is not a marijuana strain high in CBD, but is known for its high THC levels. The effects of the THC levels are very strong and it is advised that only the experienced use the strain. Although this is the case, it may be one of the better THC dominant strains for a beginner. Because of the THC levels, it is thought to be more for recreational use, but it has also been shown to assist with conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, as well as chronic pain. For the beginner, It’s best to be used when you have no obligations and can stay in until you know the effects that it has on you.

Although the CBD levels in this strain are low, because of the lower THC levels, an increase in focus and mental state, as well as mood enhancement is also seen. This while still having the effects of THC concerning a state of relaxation, while allowing the individual to still remain functional. This may vary for the individual though depending on their level of use or experience. This strain is great for anyone that wants to have a relaxing experience but not so much as to be sedative, while still being able to function normally. If you think that this strain of marijuana may assist you in your condition and your doctor is certified to prescribe it, you should consider it. Anyone experienced in using this strain that would like to comment can do so below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.