The Great Effects of The Dr. Dr. Marijuana Strain

There are two parts to a marijuana plant, both have different effects concerning either a euphoric or relaxing feeling, making them for better use in different situations. These are either cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), both which act differently. High CBD marijuana strains are said to be more beneficial for medical purposes, while those higher in THC are more used for recreational purposes. One of these is called the Doctor doctor strain of marijuana. The CBD levels in this strain are much higher than THC, making this a good medical marijuana strain. Here we discuss the strain, its uses, as well as the benefits that you get through its use.

Doctor doctor

70% Satvia

30% Indica

CBD/THC ratio is 20:1


The Doctor doctor strain of marijuana is made in the USA and is specifically made for its unique ratio of CBD to THC which makes it good for the use of many medical conditions. Hence, the name Doctor doctor. It is a phenotype of the strain Malawi which comes from Hawaii. Because of the very low levels of THC, this strain is not for anyone that wants to use it for recreational purposes to experience any “high” that you may get.

Chemical structures

The chemical makeup of the Doctor doctor strain as mentioned is dominantly CBD. It has been shown to have on average around 20% CBD while the levels of THC are only 1-2.5%, making THC almost non-existent. Since this strain is a phenotype and not an original strain, it was made specifically for the purpose of having a high CBD level to help with different conditions.

Who should use it ?

Because of the CBD level and the effects of this strain, it is good for any type of stress that one may have, making it good to use in the evening after a stressful days work. This is due to the relaxation, increase in focus, as well as both mental and physical stress relief that it brings with it. Also, due to the lower levels of THC that it has which doesn’t allow for a high feeling, it is good for an individual of any level of experience, but if you have any medical condition you should first speak with your doctor.


It is  good to use for psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, but it also helps with physical elements and pains as well. This includes any general aches or pains, headaches, seizures, cramps, as well as nausea.  If you’re suffering from any type of psychological condition such as depression, anxiety, ptsd, or any physical pain, this strain will help alleviate these conditions.

The relaxation and relief from stress that the CBD in marijuana brings may be part of why marijuana is helpful with epilepsy and other medical conditions. This may be true since many times stress by itself can be a trigger for many of these conditions. When it comes to seizures, these types of seizures brought on by mental or psychological stress and are what is known as PNES or psychogenic non epileptic seizures. Although the term psychogenic is used, this may not always be the case, and it may be due just to general stress. If stress is a trigger for any condition you may have, then anything that assists in relaxation and decreasing stress could possibly help


The effects of this strain bring with it a very aroused and focused feeling. It also helps with decreasing general stress and tension. Due to this increase in focus, it also brings with it an effect of being able to take deeper breaths which allow for one to go into deep thought, almost like a meditative state.

When should it be used ?

Because of the focus that it provides, this makes it good to use any time of the day. These effects are from the CBD levels which allow for relaxation and focus. This makes it very good for any form of insomnia that an individual may have. This means you’re able to take it either during the day, or just before going to sleep without any negative side effects that a strain high in THC would bring.

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Physical appearance & Growth

The Doctor doctor strain of marijuana can be grown either indoors or outside if you choose to do so. Although it is possible to grow, the seeds are very hard to find and you may want to look for them already grown. Since this strain can not be found online, this may require going to the company itself to possibly purchase this strain.

The strain is made from very long buds and has very thin leaves. The leaves are a dark green color and it has orange pistils. This strain also has a very fruity, citrus, and berry smell to it as well. As previously mentioned, this strain can be grown indoors or outside, although it may be a bit challenging if grown indoors. This can be done at any time but in order to do this, you’ll need some equipment if you want to get the most out of the plants. This is because it requires a warm to hot, very humid climate, which may mean you’d need a humidifier to maintain a constant level of humidity. It normally takes around 9-11 weeks to grow, so between 2 and 3 months. When growing this strain, you may also have to keep it pruned since it tends to grow somewhat tall and branchy. If you do choose to grow it outdoors, the best time to grow is probably during the spring and summer months due to the heat and humidity needed. Here are some videos that should help when growing the strain.



The Doctor doctor strain of marijuana is a strain that was engineered specifically for its CBD levels with a low THC level in order to help with different conditions. The medical conditions it has shown to help with include depression, anxiety, seizures, as well as headaches and general pain. This is due to the effects of relaxation, focus, and calming effects that it has. This makes it good for any time of the day. If you are struggling with seizures, or any form of psychological stress such as anxiety depression, PTSD, talk to your doctor about prescribing some form of marijuana. If you’re allowed to use it, the Dr Dr strain is a good choice due to it’s high levels of CBD and the effects that it has.  Anyone with experience concerning this strain can comment below.