A better CBD medical marijuana strain to treat seizures

There are many strains of marijuana on the market, so you may be asking yourself ‘which strain will work best for my needs ?’. Each strain of marijuana has both cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are the main parts of the strain. Different strains of marijuana have different percentages of CBD to THC which is what makes it up. A higher CBD strain is said to be more beneficial for medical purposes, while those higher in THC are more used for recreational purposes. There are many good medical marijuana strains. The strain charlottes web  contains almost no THC in it and is good for many medical purposes. 

Charlotte’s Web

  • Has a 60/40 percentage makeup between Sativa/Indica
  • Made with an unknown strain, along with industrial hemp.
  • Has a level of 17% CBD and less than 1% THC
  • Has up to 300 times more CBD than any THC dominant strain


Anyone that stays informed probably knows about this strain from previous news reports on how it helped a girl named Charlotte decrease the frequency of seizures she was having. Hence, the name of the strain. The strain was started by the Stanley brothers with the idea of creating a strain of marijuana for medical purposes with almost no THC. This took place in Colorado where marijuana is now legal for both medical and recreational use.

When Charlotte started taking this strain of marijuana in a pill form, the frequency of seizures that were seen went from 300 or more a month, down to just 4 a month. When this continued, the family was convinced that the marijuana is what had caused this to occur, and the word spread. This brought many families and individuals in order to see if they could have access to the product. Since then there has been some but only limited research on its effects on seizures, but enough to produce a legal medication.

Physical appearance & Growth

The Charlotte’s web strain of marijuana can be grown either indoors or outside. Although seeds are available to grow the plant yourself, if you have no experience & don’t know someone that could help you in the process, this may not be a good idea. If you have the experience in this though, purchasing seeds for growth is less expensive than buying fully grown buds. You should probably be cautious when considering purchasing this strain in bud form, or in seed form. Because the creators of this strain have not allowed it to be commercially available, only clone forms are able to be sold.  If you do choose to grow your own strain indoors, you’ll need some equipment in order to get the most out of the plants. 

The strain has no crystals due to the almost non-existent THC. You are able to see long tapered buds, olive green leaves, along with a few orange colored pistils and very little stickiness. The smell and taste that you get from this strain is a piney smell, along with an almost skunky and veg taste due to the hemp it contains. The time to harvest this strain is mid to late October. It can take up to 9 weeks to become fully mature, and you can normally get a total of 16 ounces per plant if grown outdoors, or 12-16 ounces per meter squared of height if grown indoors. Here are some videos that will help if you’re growing the strain. 

Chemical structure

The percentage of THC in this strain is basically non-existent (< 1%) while the amount of CBD is around 17%. This can vary a little concerning the phenotype of the strain that is being used. There is also a 60 to 40 ratios between sativa and indica of the plant.  Unfortunately only clone extracts are available since the creators of the strain are not letting it be sold commercially.  Before purchasing any plant or product of this strain, research should be done on the source from which it’s coming.

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Effects & Uses

Due to the low if almost non-existent levels of THC in this strain, you get very little effects of THC. You may get a small sense of well-being, but you will experience no psychoactive effects. Because of the extremely low THC levels and higher CBD levels, the strain is well suited for many health conditions. Many of these are neuromuscular or neurological conditions including: Fibromyalgia, parkinsons disease, epilepsy, as well as muscular dystrophy just to name a few. There have also been effects such as anti inflammatory use, decrease in fever, perception in pain, as well as helping with anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. There have even been some instances as well as research which point to there being anti cancerous properties.

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When should it be used ? 

When used, the strain has an aroma of oranges and cypress wood. Although this strain is meant for medical purposes, it may still provide a small amount of relaxation and wellness so it may be good in a small sense of relieving any stress that you may have been under. This makes it great to use almost any time during the day.

The relaxation and relief from stress may be part of why it is helpful with epilepsy and other psychological conditions since many times stress by itself can be a trigger. Although enough research has been done in order to see some effect that CBD has on seizure control and a medication has been produced, more research is needed in order to totally understand how this process works.


Charlotte’s web is a marijuana strain low in THC and high in CBD.  Since marijuana strains high in CBD have shown to help with medical conditions, this strain is good to treat numerous conditions including: depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and many neuromuscular conditions.  If you have any medical condition which you and your doctor think marijuana may help,  the doctor must be certified to prescribe a medication or card. Anyone with experience using this strain or with questions can comment below. 



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