Marijuana Strain High in THC and Medically Effective

Each strain of marijuana has both cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are the main parts of the strain.  These different strains of marijuana have different percentages of CBD to THC, along with many other aspects.  There are many high CBD marijuana strains, along with those high in THC. A higher CBD strain is said to be a good medical marijuana strain, while those higher in THC are more used for recreational purposes. If you’re new to using marijuana, you may be asking yourself ‘Which strain is best for me ?’. One strain you may want to look at is called caramel cough. Although it does have higher levels of THC, there have been some reports of it’s medical uses. Here, we’ll look at its uses and effects for medical purposes.

Caramel Cough

Sativa dominant

Hybrid made from Ms Universe and Cough.

CBD: unknown

THC: as high as 20 %.


As mentioned, this strain is a hybrid mix between the strains of Ms universe and the cough strains. Caramel cough is distributed by a company known as dynasty genetics. Since there is not much information concerning the strain by its growers, here is some information about the strains which make up the caramel cough strain.

Caramel cough has its name because of how it expands the lungs due to the thick smoke produced, hence the cough part. This also has a sweet and spicy smell as well. The cough strain was started by an individual in Oregon when they were given a specific haze clone, put together with a haze brothers strain.

Chemical structures

The cough

The cough strain has a 15-19 % THC level, and although the CBD levels are unknown, they may still have an effect.

The main thing about caramel cough is that it can be broken down into five different phenotype each of which have different effects on how the strain works. An example of this is one phenotype being stronger on the side of the cough strain, while another is more dominant with the Ms. universe aspects of the strain. There is also a phenotype that is an even fifty percent of each strain, giving an equal effect. This is why research into the different phenotype should be done if you desire a certain effect.

Ms. universe

This strain is a sativa dominant strain and has been used not only to make caramel cough, but to make other strains as well such as the caramel candy kush. The average percentage of THC seen has been anywhere between 14 and 24 %. When you look at each strain which makes up caramel cough, they are both high in THC, so it is questionable concerning their use for medicinal purposes, but it has been reported as being used for some medical conditions.

Who should use it ? 

Anyone desiring the recreational effects of a strain will not be disappointed when using this strain. When initially being used, it can cause you to have a euphoric feeling, but over time it will wear off and make you feel relaxed wanting to sleep. The calming effect probably comes from any CBD that is present, while the euphoric feeling is caused by the THC. Although this strain does bring a euphoric feeling with it, the relaxation the CBD brings could be effective for some conditions such as stress, depression, or any condition that would be helped through relaxation. Because of the high levels of THC, if you’re a beginner, you may want to consider a strain lower in THC and gradually adjust to other strains.

Effects & Uses

The caramel cough strain has been used for conditions such as seizures, stress, depression and pain. This may come from the cough strain which assists in helping with nausea, stress, and depression. Physical effects it may have include assisting in loss of appetite, helping with headaches, or general pain and inflammation from previous injuries. Other effects that it can have included a very quick blood flow to the head after consumption, as well as mental hyper activity. This makes it good for social settings. It will also enhance ones’ mood, and decrease the level of stress and depression. The effects of the CBD probably come from ms universe which causes waves of relaxation and is good for focus, while the euphoric effects probably come from the cough part of caramel cough.

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When should it be used ? 

Since this strain is very high in THC, it brings with it a very euphoric effect. After using this strain, you may want to lay down and rest since you may have what is known as the “couch effect” where you really can’t get up. Because of this,  it’s best to use this strain in the evening while at home, or when you know you won’t be going out for a while. If you think you will be using a strain for a extended period of time and considering growing a strain, here are some videos that can help.

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How does it work ?

The relaxation and relief from stress may be part of why marijuana is helpful with many psychological conditions, as well as what has been known as non epileptic seizures or non epileptic events. Although anyone can have these occur, one that has epilepsy or seizures may be more prone to these occurring. This could come from anxiety or depression which may be side effects of any medications you may be taking.

For most individuals that suffer from seizures, it’s the chemical imbalance that triggers the seizures. Enough research has been done in order to see some effect that CBD has on seizure control, but for treatment to be effective, more research may be needed. This will allow us to understand the effects of both the THC and CBD for individuals with epilepsy or other neurological or psychological  conditions, when compared to those without any medical issues.


The caramel cough strain of marijuana is known more for it’s level of THC. This probably comes from the two strains which make this hybrid up (Ms universe & Cough), each of which have dominant THC levels. Although the THC levels are high, it does show some effects concerning it’s CBD such as relaxation as well as focus. This effect of relaxation and focus may assist with any condition that may be a product of stress. This includes non epileptic events, depression, PTSD, and other possible psychological conditions. If you feel like marijuana will help your condition, you should talk to your doctor if they are certified to prescribe it for treatment. For anyone with previous experience with this strain that would like to share, you can comment below.
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