Cannabis and immunity

There are numerous types of medical conditions that are being researched concerning the use of marijuana for treatment. The majority of these are neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, alzheimers, parkinsons, LGD, and epilepsy,. When it comes to these types of conditions, epilepsy is towards the top concerning the number of cases when compared to the other conditions. There are numerous ways that marijuana can assist in decreasing the intensity and/or frequency of seizures that occur, although it is not known exactly it works. There are numerous types of seizures that exist. Many of these are thought to connect to the immune system which can play an important role in the occurrence of seizures. Here we will look at the relationship between the immune system and seizures, as well as how cannabis and immunity are related.


What is Cannabis ?

The cannabis plant, what most know as marijuana is a naturally grown substance that has numerous types of strains. These strains can come in three different forms which include: indica, sativa, or a hybrid of the two. The type of strain being used also has different percentages of parts to the plant known as either CBD or THC  The dominant part of the plant concerning these two parts will determine the type of effects that you see from using it. Normally any strain high in CBD brings about a relaxed feeling, while those high in THC have more of a “high” to them. This is why THC dominant strains are thought to be better for recreational purposes, while CBD dominant strains assist more with medical conditions. The numerous types of seizures you see occur for different reasons, many of which are unknown. Research has brought about more knowledge concerning where many types of seizures may start. Some seizures occur due to a defective immune system and could be an indirect side effect from another condition. Seizures their selves can also decrease the level of one’s immunity which may increase the chances of more seizures occurring. It has been shown that cannabis is related to the immune system in different ways, and through this, it may assist in decreasing the intensity or frequency of seizures.


Immunity and seizures

There are numerous types of seizures that exist. Most individuals that have epilepsy are aware and know about the general one’s, but there are also others which many have probably not heard of. These include those which may be possibly caused through genetics, as well as those that are of a more chronic forms such as lennox gastric syndrome, dravettes syndrome, and a few others as well. Both of the previously mentioned are types which most individuals do not respond well to any anti epileptic drug taken. There are also seizures that occur as an indirect effect of some other conditions (17,19) which may be directly related to the immune system. It has actually been shown for the communication between the central nervous system and immune system to be an important factor in controlling seizures (8). If these systems do not communicate correctly, it could increase the chances of a seizure occurring.

While a seizure occurs, the factors that influence inflammation occurring are thought to be mediated through the blood brain barrier. During a seizure, and post seizure, there are certain immune cells that enter the brain (13). These work through different receptors which can vary depending on the type of seizure that is occurring. (16,18) Some markers of seizures are very prominant, but others very few of others. It is thought that through the manipulation of those that are very little may actually assist in preventing the formation of epilepsy. (14). If the inflammation is too strong during or after a seizure, the immune system becomes somewhat weakened. In order to decrease the chances of another seizure occurring, the system must build its strength back up. This is where the central nervous system becomes important since it is in control and regulation of the immune system (12). Regardless of the type of seizure that one is having, the immune system and nervous system are connected, making the immune system an important factor when it comes to the frequency and intensity of seizures. One way that the immune system may be helped which in turn may decrease seizures is through the use of cannabis. So how are the immune system and cannabis connected ?

Cannabis and immunity

There are also numerous targets for treating epilepsy that are being looked at. These include things such as specific ions, ion channels, as well as receptors just to name some. It has been shown for the immune system to communicate with CBD and THC through different receptors. This allows either CBD or THC to have an effect concerning regulations of the immune system (9), suggesting that the use of cannabis along with therapy may be helpful with the immune system (1).

Being able to regulate any immune response seen such as inflammation may then have an indirect effect in controlling the frequency and intensity of seizures that occur. This may also assist in things such as chronic smoking (3), as well as other things such as appetite, energy balance, and the infllamitory response one may have (4,5).




The cannabis plant has what are known as cannabinoids. These have been shown to effect the nervous system and have an important role in the regulation of the immune system. This can be seen with any individual regardless of the amount of time that cannabis has been used (7), but the effect of the cannabis may depend on the severity or intensity of the condition (6).One area that cannabis is thought to assist in is decreasing inflammation which is important at any point in a seizure, but especially during the seizure (10, 15). This takes place in the immune system (11), It is thought that inflammation may be a cause of a seizure occurring, while at the same time inflammation of the brain is a direct effect of having a seizure. Any scar tissue that is left after a seizure is the result of the inflammation that occurred. This can effect one’s’ long and/or short term memory over time. The use of cannabis has been shown to be able to control this either by increasing anti infllamitory or decreasing pro inflammatory factors. Any substance such as marijuana that decreases inflammation could treat conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis,and fibromyaliga as well, (2) The control of inflammation occurring, along with its role in regulating the immune system may be a way in which marijuana may help in controlling seizures.



There are many types of seizures that exist. Most of these are directly related to epilepsy, some general, while others are chronic conditions. There are also some seizures that can occur as a side effect of other conditions as well. Regardless of the type of seizure that an individual has, any seizure has an effect on the immune system. This is usually through the inflammation that occurs at any point of having a seizure whether it is before, during, or after a seizure. This means the increasing the strength of the immune system may play a role in decreasing the frequency and intensity of a seizure. Since it has shown that marijuana has a role in controlling the immune system as well as the inflammation that is seen during a seizure, this may be one of many ways in which it assist in controlling seizures.