Best Form Of Marijuana

For anyone who is just starting to use marijuana, whether it is for recreational or medical purposes, you may or may not know that there are numerous ways in which it can be used. The first way of using marijuana that anyone thinks of is through smoking a joint. This was probably the main if not only way to get the effects of the marijuana plant. More recently since it has caught on that marijuana can be used for medical purposes, other ways to ingest the different parts of the marijuana plant (THC & CBD) have been developed. So what is the best form of marijuana to be used ? This may depend on the reason behind its use. Here is a general overview of the different forms of marijuana available and their level of effectiveness.


Smoking marijuana is probably what is first thought of. Through the smoking of a specific strain, you are able to get the effects of both the THC and CBD. These include relaxation, focus, as well as a high or what some think of as “stoned” feeling. On average, the percentage of absorbsion when using a joint is around 30%. A positive aspect of this is that you get a full effect of the strain that is used, but at the same time, this could also pose a risk for some individuals, specifically a beginner, or someone that uses it for medical purposes. This form of marijuana may be more suitable for the experienced user who wants recreational effects.


Using marijuana in the form of vaping is a fairly new concept. You may ask what the difference is between vaping and smoking a strain of marijuana since they both involve inhalation of the lungs for absorbsion ? This is where things get interesting. Unlike smoking a joint where actual combustion and burning of a strain must take place, vaping is different in that you can be more in control of the temperature of the strain. This will determine the rate at which the effects of the strain take place. This has been shown to be much faster when using vaping in comparison to smoking a joint, and has actually been said to be the fastest way to feel the total effects of the THC and CBD. These effects peak at around 10 minutes after consumption and can last up to five hours,

The amount of absorbsion taking place when vaping a strain of marijuana is also much higher than when smoking a joint, so you get a much higher level of intensity. This has been shown to be anywhere from 10-60% absorption. Also, when vaping a strain of marijuana, you can use either oil or the actual leaf form of marijuana or oil unlike smoking uses only the actual leaf form. The vaping form of marijuana also has fewer side effects when compared to using a joint. One factor that anyone using this form of marijuana consumption should be aware of is that some use propylene glycol which can be broken down into a carcinogen, so you may want to make sure it is free of this prior to using. Although no injuries have been shown when using vaping for marijuana, other uses such as e cigarettes have been shown to cause things such as inflammation and lung scarring, but this may depend more on the overall quality of the cartridge so you should do your research on the best company that makes cartridges. Because of the increased rate of effects taking place, as well as the higher level of intensity concerning the effects, vaping is probably more suited for the experienced user.

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The use of marijuana in the form of oil whether it is in capsules or the actual oil is a very popular way to consume the substance. Being able to put a few drops in a glass of water, or put them under the lounge would seem to make it be absorbed much quicker and increase its effectiveness. It has actually been shown to be the 2nd fastest way of absorption if put under the tongue, but if it is actually consumed, this takes much longer. Because oil is required to go through the digestive system before it is actually absorbed by the body, this requires use of the liver. When this occurs, the amount that was consumed is decreased, effecting the actual amount your body will absorb. Because of this, the oil form of CBD or THC may be the least recommended. The simple fact that oil and water do not mix and the body is around 60% water makes it that less effective concerning the bio availability. When using oils for CBD it can also be challenging concerning the actual amount you are getting due to the settling while not using. This is why it is advised to shake the bottle some before that uses it in order to get the most effect from it. The oil form of CBD is probably used mainly for medical purposes, so in order to get any real effect of CBD or THC, you may want to use another form of marijuana.


The use of edible substances such as candy or cookies to consume marijuana has become a popular way to use different strains. This is probably because the taste of the marijuana and source used go together, as well as the fact that it is very easy to do. A negative aspect of using marijuana in the form of edibles is that it can take much longer to be absorbed than other methods used. Because of the digestion process which requires the substance to go through the liver, this decreases the effectiveness and amount absorbed. This is a “hit or miss” type situation and is known as the “first pass effect”. The effectiveness concerning the actual percentage of absorption is anywhere from 4-20% depending on the individual. This process is also much slower concerning absorption rate making it take longer to reach the blood stream. Two positive aspects about consuming marijuana in this form is that its easier to consume a specific amount, as well as the fact that the effects last longer and decrease at a slower rate. The effectiveness of using marijuana in this form will probably vary for different individuals, so if you choose using this form, it may take a little while to know the correct amount to use in order to get the best effects.

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Using the form of inhalation for the effects of THC and CBD is said to be the overall most effective concerning the absorption and use. This involves the use of an inhaler similar to one which would be used to treat asthma. This is mainly good to use for medical purposes and has been shown to have anywhere from 34-46% bio availability. A main reason for this is that just as with vaping and smoking, the liver is not involved, allowing a higher amount of absorption to take place. This form is also much cleaner than using smoking or vaping and may also last much longer. This is probably because this form of CBD use is mainly for medical purposes and probably has little to no effect concerning recreational purposes. It is usually recommended using one inhale per day. Concerning medical uses, a positive aspect of using an inhaler may be that anyone that may sense or feel a seizure about to occur can quickly use this, decreasing if not eliminating the chances of a seizure occurring. If you need to use a form of CBD for medical purposes, using an inhaler may be the most efficient and cost effective way of doing so.



From the previous ways of consuming CBD and THC mentioned, the most cost effective is the inhalation form, followed by the use of vaping, and smoking. Using an inhaler is probably the most cost effective because you know the exact amount that you’re getting per dose, and if only used for medical purposes will last much longer. Using marijuana in the form of vaping is less expensive and more efficient than smoking because you’re able to control the actual amount that is used when using oil, making it easier to control, and more potent. If you know the exact amount that you’ll be using, since you can measure this, it is can last longer than using the leaf form since the exact amount used can not be measured when that uses it in the leaf form.

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From the many forms of marijuana there are to choose from including: smoking, vaping, edibles, oils, as well as inhalers the effectiveness of each may depend on the purpose of using them. Of these types mentioned, inhalers are probably the most effective, but are mainly used for medical purposes. This would be followed by vaping which can be used for medical or recreational purposes and smoking. The least effective of the forms mentioned are the use of edibles as well as oils since it requires the digestion process and must pass through the liver, decreasing the overall amount of absorption. So if you’re looking to use CBD for medical purposes, an inhaler is advised, followed by vaping and oils, while if it is being used for recreational purposes, vaping or smoking are the best options, followed by the use of edible substances.