Master Kush Strain of marijuana

Are you considering using marijuana as a form of medicine and unsure of what you should use ? If this is the case, it can be hard to choose the correct strain that will fit your needs the best. You’re probably asking yourself that question ‘which strain will best serve my needs ?’ There are two main parts to the marijuana plant. These are what are known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  and cannabidiol (CBD). Each of these have different effects on the individual. From what you hear in the media, it is said that the high CBD marijuana strains assist better with medical conditions than THC. This is not always the case since there have been reports of many positive effects of the THC. One of these strains which is usually seen as being good for recreational purposes, but can have its place in treating medical conditions is called Master Kush. Here you’ll find out about its origin, how its grown, what its used for, as well as other important facts about the strain. Want to know more ? Let’s get started.


Master Kush

Indica: 80%

Sativa: 20%

THC: 18%

CBD: 1% or less


Chemical structures

The chemical makeup of The Master kush strain is dominantly THC and very low in CBD. This comes from it being a hybrid between two other dominant THC strains. These strains are both types of what is known as Hindu kush. One unique aspect of this strain is that it has multiple strains of chromosomes, four to be exact, while the majority of marijuana strains are known as diploid meaning there are only two sets of chromosomes present. This may be why there are so many effects that it has when compared to other strains. As previously mentioned, the strain has a much higher level of THC when compared to the CBD content, making it good for recreational purposes. Although this is the case, strains high in THC have been shown to have positive effects concerning health issues as well.




There are three types of strains available for use, indica, sativa, and a hybrid of the two. This strain is a hybrid of two strains. These are thought to be either two different Hindu kush strains, or possibly a mix between a Hindu Kush strain, and what is known as the skunk strain of marijuana. The strain originated in Amsterdam, and it is put out by what is known as the white label seed company. The strain is not only known as Master Kush, but it is also known as High rise, or Grand Master kush as well.


Who should use it ?

As previously mentioned, this strain has a very high percentage of THC (18%) so the effects can be hard depending on your level of use. Regardless of your purpose of use whether it is medical or recreational, you should start out very light concerning the amount that is used, especially if you’re just a beginner.

Although a beginner could use this strain if used very cautious, it is a strain recommended for experienced users. This is especially true due to some side effects that can be seen with using this strain. Also, if you are taking any medications that you think it may interfere with, you should do your research and mention it to your doctor prior to use.

It’s probably best for the beginner to start out with a strain that is lower in it”s THC levels that will not have as hard of an effect on you. If you do choose to use this strain as a beginner, it should be done in a low volume until you adjust to the effects. You should also be with someone when using this strain since you’ll need help once the effects are felt. Since many of these effects are somewhat strong, you should be somewhere that you can sit down or lay down and relax until the effects begin to die down which may take a few hours.


When should it be used ?


Since this strain has a high THC level and is very potent, this makes it very sedative. Because of this, you may become overly relaxed and need a place to sit or lay down until the effects begin to wear off. The effects that are seen can also last up to a few hours, so it is ideal to use this strain when you have no where to go or anything to do. Because of the relaxation that it brings, this makes it good to use after a stressful day at work, during the weekend when you have nothing to do, or just prior to going to bed.

Because of the sedative feelings it brings with it, leading to possibly what is known as “couch lock” you should use it indoors when you know you have no where to go. This makes it good to use while watching a movie, or when you have small things to get done around the house. Although this strain is thought to be more effective for recreational purposes, the strain brings along with it benefits to some possible medical conditions as well. So what are some of these effects ?


What effects and uses does it have ? 

Since the Master kush strain is not a marijuana strain high in CBD, but more so in THC, the effects in which it brings are a rush of euphoria and relaxation. This feeling of euphoria occur at a slower rate than many other strains that are high in their levels of THC. This allows the individual to enjoy the smooth feeling that it brings with it when smoking this strain. One positive effect of the strain taking so long to have an effect is that this allows the body to slowly calm down and decrease any mental heaviness one may have.


When this strain does take effect, you will experience a buzz type feeling which is very relaxing, but it isn’t so strong that you won’t be able to function like it is with other strains that are high in THC. Because of this, you’re able to maintain a good level of focus along with a relaxation as well as a small intoxication effect. Although the effects of this strain are not overly strong, you should still make sure you don’t consume too much at once since too much of any strain can lead to things such as paranoia and other negative effects. Because of the euphoric effect and the relaxation that this strain brings with it this may be what makes it good for some medical purposes.

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These previous effects mentioned of the relaxation and intoxication may also be why it can help some in conditions such as anxiety, general mental stress, or depression. The strain also works well in helping those that struggle with insomnia, or have issues with appetite loss as well.


Since stress may be a trigger for many individuals with the previously mentioned conditions, this could be a logical explanation as to why it is of such assistance. For the individual with seizures, whether it is actually epileptic and of a chemical imbalance, or what is known as a non epileptic event, the relaxation felt and stress relief could also possibly be of assistance.


How to use it

There are many forms of CBD and THC which come from the marijuana plant. This includes: smoking, vaping, capsules, as well as oils. Since any CBD that you get that is strictly CBD and comes from what is known as hemp where the plant is completely dried out, the best way to get the total effect of either the CBD or THC of the plant is to use it in its original form through smoking or vaping. Concerning the scent and taste of the strain, it brings with it a very spicy smell and taste. Most of the time, you’ll probably purchase the product from a grower, but if you choose to use marijuana in the form of smoking and you know you’ll be using it for a while, you may want to consider growing it yourself since it may be less expensive in the long run.


Growing the strain

Most individuals will take the option of purchasing the strain already grown, but if you’re interested in growing the plant yourself, here is some general information. This is a strain that is a hybrid between two other strains, so you should first find a good dispensary which sells this strains seed. This should not be an issue since this strain is readily available. The strain can be grown either indoors or outside, but it prefers a temperate climate. If you choose to grow indoors, you’ll need some equipment in order to get the most out of the plants.

The yield of this strain al also usually around 400-500 grahams per seed, which is a higher yield than your other kush strains of marijuana. If this strain is grown indoors, it can be done at any time, but if you choose to grow it outside, you should start growing it around July. This gives it around the average of three months to mature, making it ready to harvest in October. Here are some videos on how to grow marijuana strains.

Although many do choose to grow their own plants and it may be less expensive in the long run, if you don’t have the time to make sure they’re grown correctly, its easiest to purchase the grown pod from a respectable dispensary.

Nature's Way


The Master Kush strain of marijuana is not a marijuana strain high in CBD, but is known for its high THC levels. The effects of the THC levels are very strong and it is advised that only the experienced use the strain. Because of the THC levels, it is thought to be more for recreational use, but it has also been shown to assist with conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and physical conditions as well such as chronic pain. It’s best to be used when you have no obligations and have time to relax, making it good for the evening or on the weekend.

The relaxation that the strain brings with it could be part of its positive effects on the previously mentioned conditions, giving the individual a sedative effect and help in stabilizing ones’ mood. The strain is also nice because the effects seen are not so high that you are not able to function normally unlike other strains where you may actually “black out” after using it. For anyone who chooses to use the strain, do so starting out at a very low volume until you know its effects on you. If you have a medical condition that you think marijuana may assist you in and your doctor is certified to prescribe it, you should consider it. Anyone experienced in using this strain that would like to comment can do so below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.