What’s the best marijuana strain for your needs ?

There are many types of good medical marijuana strains each having their own unique effect on things that they can help. These are broken down into three types of marijuana, sativa, indica, or a hybrid of the two. Each strain of marijuana has both cannabidiol (CBD), and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which are the main parts of the strain. Have you asked yourself which strain would work best for me ?  If you’re needing a strain good for medical purposes, high CBD marijuana strains are said to help. The ACDC marijuana strain is a hybrid that is good for this.

Name: ACDC

Type of strain: Hybrid (Ruderalis & Cannatonic)

Good for: Calming effect, helps with depression and anxiety

Chemical Makeup

High CBD marijuana strains are good for medical purposes. This is a low THC marijuana strain (1-6 %), while the CBD content is one of the higher of any hybrid strain (20%). To be exact, the CBD to THC ratio is 20:1 which makes the THC almost non existant. The ACDC strain is also unique in the ratio between the two types of marijuana which make up the hybrid aspect (70% Sative, 30% Indica).  It is the high percentage of sativa. and low percentage of indica which bring great medical purposes, along with no high which comes from the THC.


You can find ACDC in different forms including: smoking, capsules, oils, and even lotions. The ACDC also has a very earth smell and is grown up to four feet in height. This takes about 10 weeks and will require some maintance to be sure it is grown correctly.


The main medical conditions that the ACDC strain of marijuana has been shown to help with includes: Depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, pain, nausea, epilepsy, as well as multiple sclerosis. In some incidences, individuals have reported a extreme decrease or total loss of any anxiety they may have had. There have also been cases in which this strain has helped in dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, and assisting in the battle with cancer. This is probably due to it being a high CBD marijuana strain.


Effects of the ACDC marijuana strain which have been reported include: Euphoria, peace, happiness, as well as allowing for one to be much more focused on things. Also, unlike strains high in THC which gives you a “high” feeling and can become addictive, ACDC does not have this effect on the user. This comes from the strain leaning more towards the satvia and CBD.


There are many research labs that test to see that the marijuana substance is pure and has the correct ingredients. This is important especially when you’re looking at specific strains. This is also why it is much better to purchase any specific strain from a distribution center if possible as opposed to online or at a retailer.

Side Effects

Although every substance has positive effects to things that can be helped, each has side effects as well. Side effects of the ACDC strain include: Headache, dry eye, paranoia, as well as dry mouth.

Distribution Centers

Although you are able to purchase any marijuana product from online sources, it may be better knowing it’s exact source and purchasing it from a main distribution center if possible. Most dispensaries offer only a in store purchase, but a few do offer shipment options. The main reason for this may be that you are required to show specific documentation in some states in order to know if your eligible. If you know an individual that lives within one of these areas,  it may be possible for them to make the purchase and then ship it to you, but you should first investigate this concerning the state and federal laws. If you are considering growing a strain it can be grown indoors or outside. When grown indoors, you’ll need some equipment in order to get the most out of the plants.  Here are also some videos that should help in the growing process.

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In conclusion, sativa, indica, and a hybrid of these is what makes up different strains of marijuana. The ACDC strain is one of the low THC marijuana strains which makes it good for medical purposes.  This is a marijuana strains that is good for epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and general stress. If you have any medical condition you think marijuana can help talk to your doctor. If your doctor is not certified to perscribe marijuana, look under resources (finding a Dr) above to learn more.