There are two different strains of marijuana, one which can assist in medical conditions. Using it for medical purposes is different than you would think of it as smoking. It is more of an oil based substance which is part of the leaf.  


Epilepsy is determined according to its’ frequency and intensity.  The intensity of the seizure can determine what type of seizure one is having.  

Many types of seizures are so similar that you may have a hard time understand what type your having.  Also, although you may have a doctor that listens to you and is concerned for your well-being, due to having it myself, much is up to you since you know what some of the triggers may be.


 I would like to assist you if your dealing with epilepsy in finding other sources available if current medications you are taking are not helping. 

 If your unaware of triggers that may be causing some of the seizures you have, the medication your taking may not be as effective. I know this is true because many times, things such as stress may be a trigger for myself. 

This could be what is considered a psychogenic non epileptic seizure. Even though your doctor may not think of this, you may want to ask if this may be a possible trigger for you.

We hope to assist you in knowing the research concerning marijuana and its medical uses, specifically for epilepsy. If you or someone you know has this condition, they may want consider talking to their doctor about using this, or other natural resources for seizures. Here’s to having a healthy life and overcoming any medical condition you may be facing.

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