Triggers for epilepsy

The medical condition of epilepsy is complex in that it is a neurological dysfunction of the brain. There are many things that are unknown about this condition, but through previous and recent research, many new things are being learned as well. There have been different factors that have been thought to play a possible role

Are Autism and Epilepsy Related ?

There are numerous conditions when it comes to mental and psychological health. These include conditions such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, pschizifrenia, and many other conditions. Here we ask are autism and epilepsy related ? For those unaware of what either condition is, autism is a developmental condition in which the

Epilepsy and Personality

There are many types of medical conditions that exist. Many of these are physical and you can see, but some are not. One of these conditions is that of epilepsy. Unfortunately the only way to know that one has this condition other than if they are wearing a medical bracelet is when one happens. Epilepsy

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