Effects Of Nicotine On The Brain

There are numerous habits that people have that are unhealthy and can lead to negative side effects such as cancer and ultimately death. These include things such as alcohol and tobacco consumption along with many other things. Although it is known that these products affect adults after continuous use, it may still not totally be

Effects Of Marijuana On Depression

There has been much talk lately about the use of cannabis or marijuana for different medical conditions. This may include anything from assisting in reducing pain from an injury (2) to actual medical conditions. Many of these medical conditions are neurological or possibly psychological. This may include things such as depression, anxiety, ptsd (5) or

How To Manage Parkinson’s Disease

There are numerous medical conditions that exist, all unique in their own way. Many if not most of these conditions have no solution concerning eliminating the condition, and many times, it may even be lacking in treatment of the disease. This is true for conditions such as different types of cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, muscular

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